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Teenage Pregnancy and Part-time Jobs

Researchers have found that there has been an increase in teenage pregnancies out of wedlock and found that this is partly because more teenage girls think it’s okay to have a baby out of wedlock.(359, Wood) They have also realized that what was once thought to be a learning experience for teenagers, has turned into another horrible pathway to get into drugs, alcohol, bad spending habits, etc.(360, Wood) Although many studies have shown the different bad consequences of teenage pregnancies and part-time jobs, it doesn’t always turn out that way. The reason I believe this is because I am part of both worlds. I am a teenage mother and have two part-time jobs.
Most of the studies shown in The World of Psychology show bad outcomes. It talks about the teenage mothers who didn’t finish high school and can’t afford proper care (health or regular needs). Although I believe this does happens some of the times, there are exceptions which I believe could happen more often. These results are of the teenage mothers that complete high school and go on to continue their



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