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Science and Technology in Brave New World 210533

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Science and Technology in Brave New World

In the 1930's, Aldous Huxley wrote his novel “Brave New World." It was in this time, when the world made the first steps towards huge scientific and technological advances. These advances were not only seen as evidence for progress, but what is far more important as a tremendous hope for whole mankind. On the other hand, this interest in no more than technological advance was a vast danger to questions of ethics. As one can see from this novel, Huxley himself felt that hope for mankind lay not in technological progress, but was inseparably bound to man's view of the world. He feared, that unchecked research was inherently dangerous, and that the consequences can be unpredictable. “Brave New World” offers a view of the world as it might become if science is no longer ruled by man but man is ruled by science and thus puts at stake his freedom. Nowadays, probably everybody is familiar with the debates concerning the extraordinary breakthroughs in science, and especially in cloning. People are trying to determine whether life and society will be enhanced by these new aspects or completely



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