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Questioning Homogeneity Among Black Students At White Univer

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Questioning Homogeneity Among Black Students At White University

Questioning Homogeneity Among Black Students at White University
Sandra S. Smith of the University of Michigan and Mignon R. Moore of Columbia University designed a study to examine interracial diversity among blacks. Smith and Moore performed their study with the black population at "Big City University". They reported their findings in their article, "Interracial Diversity and Relations among African-Americans: Closeness among Black Students at a Predominantly White University," which was published in the American Journal of Sociology. Smith and Moore (2000) question our culture’s belief of homogeneity among blacks. This is evident in the increase in black middle and upper-class, an increase in black population with interracial experience prior to adulthood, and increase in foreign-born blacks and biracial/multiracial people with African ancestry. "While there may have been less cause to question assumptions of closeness and homogeneity before the Civil Rights movement, when fewer cultural and socioeconomic distinctions could be made (Wilson 1978; Jaynes and Williams 1989; Farley 1996), one can question the extent to which these assumptions hold today given shifts in the demography of black America" (p. 2). This article reaffirms the literature cited by Smith and Moore, and



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