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Perceived Discrimination and Mental Health 212963

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Perceived Discrimination and Mental Health

Age discrimination or ageism is discriminating against individuals or groups of people based on their age. Mostly elder people on one side and young people including children on the other side are affected by ageism.
Age discrimination varies from other types of discrimination by different characteristics. Unlike other types of discrimination age discrimination has mixed effect on people, both positive and negative. For instance, elderly people are helped as they perceived as warm and weak, at the same time they are excluded as elderly are perceived incompetent. Young people are given more help and indulgence due to immaturity, while their ideas and voice can be ignored due to the same reasons. Nevertheless the effect, it influences mental health of people. The main idea of the article is that age discrimination as a form of perceived discrimination decreases mental health. Another distinguishing characteristic of age discrimination is that discrimination in general decrease by age, while ageism increased with age.
Some questions that the author asks are: does the age discrimination influence mental health, and does this relationship vary by social characteristics such as age, gender, race and



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