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Libraries And Their Importance

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Libraries And Their Importance

Libraries and Their Importance in an Academic Environment
Libraries are powerful tools for those that are familiar with them, can use them to
their full potential, and most importantly- are not afraid of them. A library can help a senior citizen deepen his knowledge about that World War II battle he was curious about, as well as a Political Science major acquire an “A” on that all important final paper. Despite the fact that today’s libraries are a little more complicated than 10 years ago- they still serve the same purpose.
Taking up on that notion of purpose that libraries serve, we can say that a library is like a bottomless well. All and any kind of information one needs can be found in a library. Old-fashioned card catalogs are swept for a series of zeros and ones registered on a hard disk of a computer. A computer catalog does yield faster results, but not always better. Sometimes looking through a computer catalog can seem like a quest rather than a simple search. The disappearance of the card catalog can be a tough task for some to get accustomed



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