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Girl Interupted

Women and traditional roles in the book, Girl interrupted tell us stories and present us with values and messages about our society and what needs to be changed. The characters in the book struggle with self discovery and many other psychological problems. Majority of the story takes place in a psychiatric hospital.
In the book “Girl, Interrupted,” Susanna is the main character. Her struggle with self-discovery and her fight to find a place in society illustrates the view that the women who do not fit into traditional roles should be ostracized from mainstream society given that they pose the threat of change.
It is clear that women like Susanna, who have little ambition in becoming a carbon copy of their mother, are seen as a threat and therefore classified as crazy. Susanna is clearly misunderstood by her peers as well as the authority figures in her life. She is not a degenerate but a young girl frustrated with her limited options for the future.
When Susanna is held after class by her teacher to discuss why she is the only senior not going on to college



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