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1. What is sociology? Sociology is a science that studies the interactions between people, groups, and social institutions in society. What does it mean it is empirical and debunking science? Empirical means something that is based on careful and systematic observation that would not be recognized at a glance, not on previous assumptions, but on what you see. Debunking science means looking behind the scenes, patterns and processes that make up the behavior observed in the social world.
2. What is the function of public rituals, according Durkheim? According to Durkheim the function of public rituals is to create social solidarity, referring to the bonds that link the members of a group. Durkheim also stated that public ceremonies create a bond between people in a social unit.
3. What is the purpose of deviance in society, according Durkheim? The purpose of deviance in society, according to Durkheim is that by classifying some people as deviant, society confirms a sense of normalcy and fortifies social solidarity. Identifying some behaviors as deviant gives definition to nondeviant or “normal” behaviors. Durkheim thought that deviance, like public rituals, sustains moral cohesion in society. In this



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