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1972 days

 Date: 10/04/15 16:09   in : Philosophy 

Career Project Before I came to Spelman I knew that I wanted to work with children. I am still not sure what type of profession that deals with children that I want to go into, so I chose a major that his very universal in working with children. I chose to major in education because I bel...


2100 days

 Date: 05/29/15 07:14   in : Film_&_TV 

Spinal Tap While attempting to be nothing more than a comical spoof of the music industry, “Spinal Tap” was instead rocketed to cult icon status. The characters in the movie are so fully thought out that almost all rock and roll bands that became popular prior to and half a decade later ...


2097 days

 Date: 06/01/15 18:14   in : Business 

Inflation Inflation, can our economy grow without it? What is inflation? The definition of inflation is “an abnormal increase in available currency and credit beyond the proportion of available goods.” Although, Webster’s is considered by most to be the overall best dictionary, WordNet s...