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 Date: 10/01/15 00:02   in : Psychology 

Psychology: Drugs And Abuse Abuse of drugs can have effects on the user even after the use of drugs has stopped. Different drugs produce different effects, depending on the user, type of drug, and severity of abuse. New research is done every day in the area of drug abuse that makes findi...


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 Date: 09/28/15 18:33   in : Medicine 

Massage Therapy Are you one of the many Americans who suffer from aches and pains caused by everyday living? If so, massage therapy is something you should look in to. One of the oldest health care practices known to history is massage therapy (Greene 1). Massage therapy has a numerous ...


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 Date: 10/10/15 21:24   in : Medicine 

Accupuncture Imagine having crippling back pain as you arise out of bed every morning, or sharp pains in your shoulders and knees that no longer allow you to perform up to your actual ability. Whether it is in athletics, at work, or even just through out your daily life these problems can...


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 Date: 10/11/15 19:05   in : Psychology 

Does Aromatheray Really Work? Have you ever tried to relax, but you couldn’t get in the state of mind that you were searching for? Well, maybe you should try aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils which are taken from plants by distillation or other means. These oils a...


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 Date: 06/18/15 10:29   in : Health_&_Beauty 

My Ways To Relax Relaxation is something that most people in the world do not get to have very often. When I get the chance to relax, there are three things that I enjoy doing to calm myself down: Listening to soft music, pampering myself, and sleeping are my three favourite things to d...