RN to BSN Online - Two Top Nursing Schools

Copyright 2006 Michael V. Gruber, MPH

The number of people available to fill the constant demand for nurses is falling farther and farther behind the demand. Nurse's aides are becoming registered nurses as quickly as they can. In turn, it is incumbent upon registered nurses to take the next step and earn their bachelor's of science in nursing degree or BSN as quickly as possible.

There is such a need for nurses that you can now get paid to travel anywhere you like with an extra traveling bonus and the ability to work during your vacation for months at a time. There is no other job in the country that offers the same benefits while allowing you to also choose your destination and the amount of time you will stay!

The job shortage also allows those in the nursing profession a flexibility in location that few other careers can claim. Should you need to relocate across the country to be with a relative or when your spouse gets a promotion, there will be no problem securing a job when you get there. Apply ahead of time and start working as soon as you get to town or wait until you get there and check out the facilities first.

One way to make sure that you secure the best position and the highest salary possible is to make sure that your resume has the educational training to match your experience. Even if you intend to take on a few of the traveling nursing positions or relocate in the near future, you can begin upgrading to a BSN online at schools like Jacksonville University and University of Phoenix online.

With an online degree you can begin immediately to earn the credits you need to become a BSN and up your pay grade as well as increase your job options and opportunities. At Jacksonville University, you can transfer any classes that you've taken at other schools and apply the credit toward earning a BSN degree. Labs, practice projects, homework, tests, and lessons all take place online so you don't have to worry about missing work or rearranging your schedule.

At University of Phoenix, you can not only earn your BSN but when you complete that, you can go on to earn a masters degree in science and specialize in health care education, health care management, integrative health care, or health care administration. With a higher degree, you can make yourself a shoe in for any nursing position anywhere in the country with the highest possible pay grade for the position. It's worth it to at least check it out!