Lean Manufacturing Consulting UK

Lean Manufacturing and Consulting Firms in the UK

Lean manufacturing has become part of the modern corporate industries? existence. There are dozens of crises bugging all sorts and kinds of industries nowadays.

That is why al companies are striving really hard to be utmost productive and profitable. Today, generation of savings and added revenues, along with huge and significant earnings, makes a company continually going and strolling.

In the UK, which is basically and generally considered as one of the most progressive and developed among all nations in the world, companies are also striving to generate huge savings.

Corporate environment in the UK

Because the UK is part of the highly progressive European Union block, all British companies are striving hard to cope up with intense and very stringent competition. The corporate environment is demanding a lot from corporations and local firms.

That is why in the UK, streamlining, rationalization and restructuring efforts among all companies are becoming prevailing and common business patterns. Not to mention, the rising number of mergers and acquisitions between companies, both huge and small.

It is because al companies are striving and struggling to cut and reduce operational costs that make margins of firms somehow weak and narrowed. It is the principal aim of all local firms not just in the UK but also in other parts of the world to generate savings. In that way, profits are maximized and revenues are raised.

There are a number of UK firms that in the past have consistently survived and topped all challenges to the economy but are now finally succumbing to the challenges brought about the prevailing difficulties and crises in the global corporate world.

Lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is the term that generally refers to the approaches, principles and strategies adopted by a company that are aimed at reducing high and astronomical operational costs.

Lean manufacturing employs the use of creativity and innovativeness to combat rising operational expenses. Lean manufacturing is principally targeting reduced and eliminated wastes and wasteful or unproductive practices that bug the modern corporate industries and firms.

There are seven wastes identified that are generally and initially targeted and scrapped by the implementation of lean manufacturing principles and strategies by companies not just in the UK but also around the world.

The seven wasteful processes and practices identified and reduced by lean manufacturing principles are:

Over production?Basically all companies in the UK want to reduce or totally eliminate over production in their facilities. That is because over production make up for piled inventories, which in turn are contributing to unnecessary and untimely lowering or dropping of prices.

Over processing--- Lean manufacturing principles are adopted by UK firms to reduce over processing. Over processing makes up for additional and unnecessary costs and expenses. These are activities that sometimes are not necessary and essential to a company?s operations.

Over processing only makes up for added but unimportant things and activities or tasks in the business. Lean manufacturing aims to scrap over processing.

Transportation--- Costs and prices of oil and petroleum are rising not just in the UK but also in other parts of the world.

That is why UK businesses are aiming to lower expenses in transportation. You will be surprised to know and take note how a significant amount of savings can be attained by merely reducing the costs of transportation requirements. There are lots of schemes and strategies that practically help maximize a UK company?s expenses in transportation.

Motion--- Workers need to move freely and comfortably in the work place. By eliminating wastes and non useful equipment in the work place, workers are able to move freely and speed up production. In the UK, almost all companies are already acknowledging the advantage of giving workers ample and enough space to freely move around.

Inventory--- As mentioned, piled up inventories become liabilities in UK corporate environment.

Waiting--- Waiting time are eliminated and converted to productive time by adopting lean manufacturing principles. UK businesses know that by heart.

Scrap and defects---Lean manufacturing maximize production and productivity in the work place. Through preventing and helping companies avoid coming out with products that have scraps and defects, UK firms benefit the most out of lean manufacturing.

Consulting firms in the UK

Like in all other countries, there are a number of lean manufacturing consulting firms in the UK. All a company has to do is to log online or ask their human resources consultants to find out more about lean manufacturing principles.

Lean manufacturing consulting has also become an industry on its own, especially in the UK. It is because UK lean manufacturing consulting firms are also relying on the fees and charges collected from clients for their own revenue and profits.