Interior design is very important to most homeowners. One of the rooms of the home that requires extra special attention is the bedroom. This area of the home should be a sanctuary; a place to unwind after a long day. While many of us would love to spend hours looking for the right combination of fabrics for this space others look to the bed in a bag as a great decorating alternative.

Choosing from among the various designs in fabrics can be overwhelming especially for those of us who have little experience with interior decorating. A bed in a bag is the perfect solution because it contains almost everything you need to dress your bed. You can have nearly all of the decorative elements you need for your bed in just one purchase.

The typical bed in a bag will contain a comforter or blanket, a fitted sheet and cover sheet as well as pillow cases. Some bedding kits contain extras like dust ruffles to hide the box spring and decorative pillow shams to complete the look. Rather than matching sheets with comforter sets a bed in a bag set offers everything in one convenient package.

While I do love the whole concept of purchasing just about everything I need in one item I also love choices. It?s great to have sheets that are guaranteed to match the set perfectly but there is the weekly washing to consider as well. The typical bed in a bag offers a nice package but there are some weeks that the sheets won?t quite match while the ones that go with the set are being washed.

Of course, this is a minor detail that I can overlook when making a purchase like this. I just can?t discount all of the benefits to the bed in a bag to worry about a simple thing like matching sheets. I figure that with a little extra shopping I could find some extra sheets that match the set.

While I was shopping for the extra sheets I came across a bed in a bag set that I couldn?t pass up. The collection offered an extra set of sheets in the set and there were plenty of styles to choose. This bed in a bag option was a little pricier but that was to be expected. And the difference in price was not as much as the cost of another sheet set would be.

Now I have the perfect design for my bedroom. The bed in a bag set not only made my decorating task simple it also created the perfect atmosphere for my own sanctuary.