Ideas On framing Different Types Of Art

Water-colors are usually put in proportionately larger mats and the frames

are somewhat wider. Glass is always used with water-colors. Frames for them

are still being made in simple, natural wood or painted finishes, but with

the tendency to give the medium the importance it deserves, they are often

as heavy, decorated and textured as are those for oil paintings.

The frames for pastels are similar to the ones used for water-colors, except

that they are matted only when necessary. Glass is always used, as is a

concealed insert to separate the picture from contact with the glass surface.

Oil paintings are framed closely except for the occasional use of extra-wide

inserts, which give the appear-ance of mats. It has been popular lately to

employ less ornamentation and gilding and to bring the finish into closer

relationship with the picture.

Photographs may be given more importance on a wall by matting them. They are

ordinarily framed close with glass in natural or stained wood, silver or gold.

Fine reproductions of oil paintings, water-colors and prints are framed to

resemble their originals.