History Of Picture Framing

In the late twenties there was a less hide-bound attitude toward picture frames

and color, in place of gilt or gloomy black, began to appear. Picture framing

has lagged, to some extent, behind the advances made in the best of contemporary

furniture design for example, but that is to be expected since the bulk of home

furnishings produced in this country is in execrable taste.

While the major part of the framing being done today is still in poor taste,

one can avoid contributing to it by following a simple guide for good,

conventional work. Always consider the finish of the frame first in relation

to the picture and only later to the colors of draperies, furniture or walls.

The result will be that if the picture itself is really suited to the room,

the frame will also be harmonious. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules

in framing, and at times a slight variation in hue or value will certainly not

hurt the picture but may make it more in keeping with the interior for which

it is destined.