What Not To Do When Submitting Your Manuscript To A Publisher

Once your manuscript is complete you are ready to begin your search for the publisher that will best meet your needs. Research your genre to find publishers who accept what you have written. Look at books that they have already published and determine where your story will fit in.

Your Book Arrives From Your New York Publisher!

A large box arrives from a New York Publisher. It?s here?YOUR BOOK! You hurriedly rip it open and take the first book out. There it is?YOUR NAME as the author of your first book. You forget to breathe and your heart skips a beat in excitement.

The Simple Facts About Plagiarism

Anyone who is a writer is concerned with plagiarism. Copyright Laws protect copyright holders from having their works plagiarized. The word plagiarism is derived from the word "kidnapper" in Latin. If a person uses another person's words without permission, they have stolen or kidnapped something owned by somebody else. This violates copyright law. Plagiarism is a menacing word in the writing world. Crediting the author of the work will not keep someone immune from violating ...

Write The Bestseller-kind-of-novel


Indispensable elements of a powerful law essay

This article describes the main stages of the writing of the law essay. This article describes the main stages of the writing of the law essay. The article helps to improve main techniques for this type of the essay as well as composition skills. The reader can learn of the major stages in the completion of the law essay.

Learn How to Use Commas Properly

This article features punctuation rules of comma usage, which are indispensable in the process of writing.

Free Web Content

Article banks are an excellent source of free content for use on your own website. The author still ?owns? the material they deposit in the article bank, but is allowing other webmasters to reproduce the material (in its entirety) on their own sites for their own benefit. It is a win-win situation, because the authors are creating extra links for their own home pages(s) whilst the webmasters are amassing free content with which they hope to climb up the rankings table.

Why Should I Submit Articles To An Article Directory

Submitting articles to an article directory is a decision more and more people are making everyday. With the great increase in blogging sites and personal websites promoting articles the need for new written material increases by the minute.

Scams, Schemes, And Shams: Who Can An Author Trust?

Authors in their quest to get published can fall victim to scams. Here's a few tips to help you avoid the traps.

Selling Your Books In Bulk

Have you ever dreamed of selling your book to a large corporation? A sale that would register several thousand copies of non-returnable product on the book sale meter? What's that? You've never thought of it, you say? Well, never fear! It's not too late to pursue this avenue, especially if you have a book ripe for a particular market.

What Do Stephen King, Jeffrey Deaver, Jonathan Kellerman And Thomas Mann Have In Common?

Frequently, I?m asked whether I know the whole story of a novel at the outset of writing it. The answer is a simple ?no?.

Fire Your Dud Titles for Sizzlers That Get Your Articles Read, P1

Do you share the problem hundreds of article writers share?Dud Titles. You must develop a sizzling title to pull your audience in by the collar. You know like the newspapers and magazine headlines. They can?t afford to publish dud titles that don?t capture the interest of their readers.

What Makes A Heroine?

Wow I knew I put this question off for a reason.

What Is Freelance Seo Writing?

SEO writing is one of the newer forms of freelance writing spawned by the Internet Age, and as such, SEO writing is an excellent way -- if at times a frustrating way -- for budding writers to cut their teeth in the freelance writing scene. SEO writing takes a fair amount of imagination and some engineering grit, but if you like puzzles, then freelancing as an SEO writer will interest you.

Build Your Creative Dam To Complete Projects

Artists and writers are fed by a constant stream of curiosity. Our imaginations flow freely with ideas and connections, which allows for a rich river of creativity that can infuse our lives with joy. But what happens when this flood of ideas overwhelms us, turning our creative output into a trickle? It's time to build a creative dam.

From Writer To Author ? A Self Published Author?s Journey

As a newly self published author, I am amazed by how many people have told me that they have a novel or idea for a book that they always wanted to have published. I usually tell these aspiring writers that it can happen and, if they are willing to listen, I tell them my story about how I self published my book. I have always enjoyed writing, mostly for my own enjoyment, but knew I had a talent for creative writing. My first audience was my co-workers at a bank I worked for in...

Innovation The Survival Mantra

Indian art material Industry is a vast scattered market consisting of different variety of attractive products like different types of brushes like synthetic brushes, painting brushes, artist brushes, Oil pastels, crayons of different types, painting accessories, poster colours, fabric colours, liquid water colours, colour pencils, drawing books, colouring books, easel boards, canvases, palettes, markers, paints, coloured chalk and many more. The industry is said to capture m...

Getting A Publisher & Getting What You Want

In the basic scenario of book publishing, a writer finishes a book and then finds an agent who helps sell the book to a publisher. When someone asks, "How do I find a publisher?" they're often looking for the details of this scenario. But let's backtrack a little. The answer to this question has to do with what you as a writer want out of the publishing process as well as what the publisher wants. It's best to be as clear as possible on both counts. Here are a few things to c...

From Manuscript To Novel A Short Guide

What do you do now that you have finished that great manuscript? Many believe you can simply start sending it out to agents or publishers sometimes even both. However this is simply not true, just because you have created this riveting tale, you cannot send it out and expect it to be published right then. No, there are many aspects to being published and even more frauds out there, where the only goal is to con you out of your money. Filling their pockets and leaving your...

How to Write Your Op-Ed Piece

Op-ed articles, also known as opinion/editorial articles, are a great way for aspiring writers to publicize their work and get an amazing amount of publicity for free. You can write an op-ed piece and get it publicized provided you follow these simple rules.

The Movie Review Of Arrested Development Season 3

Directed by Paul Feig, John Fortenberry, Robert Berlinger and produced by Chuck Williams, it stars Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Portia de Rossi, Michael Cera, Tony Hale, Alia Shawkat, Jessica Walter, Jeffrey Tambor, David Cross.

Procrastinators Anonymous (PAA)

As you probably have already guessed, I have a problem. I am seriously battling with procrastination and I think I?m doing very well so far. You see, the good news is that I am not ashamed or too afraid to admit it, and neither should you be. I bet you?re saying to yourself right now, ?I don?t have a problem.? Well I am here to tell you that there is hope for you. We will overcome this, together, but the first step towards recovery is being able to admit the problem. To make ...

Plagiarism: A Case Of Copy & Paste

"Fine words! I wonder where you stole 'em." - Jonathan Swift

Pahl Receives Bronte Prize Nomination

Writing on a small press, Nelson Pahl joined some of mainstream literature?s most famous names to become one of the five finalists for romantic fiction?s biggest award, the 2007 Bronte Prize. The accolade recognizes the best love story published in the U.S. and Canada annually.

Articles And SEO

The terminology buzz these days seems to be filled with quite a lot of stuff that keep up with the pace of development over the internet. Articles and SEO are the latest in the line to be talked about in the same breath as that of search engines and the like. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the mantra in web design. Articles and SEO rank top priority in that order when designing a webpage. The website ranking in search engine results is manipulated using d...

Book Review Of Fables From The Mud By Erik Quisling

Philosophy books tend to be large tomes of incomprehensible concepts, no doubt designed this way to limit readership to those already involved in this ethereal endeavor at the academic level. Very occasionally a book comes along that breaks out from the norm, in 1971 R. D. Lang published his ground breaking work Knots, a Book that could be taken on many different levels, and more importantly, enjoyed by a wide audience.