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Bringing Your Business Online With Article Marketing

In order to get the people to transact in your business online, you have to properly and creatively write articles to draw these potential online customers in. This can be termed as article marketing. Article marketing involves the appropriate construction of articles to help online businesses, products, or services. It is somehow similar to online advertising, although the article used does not pose as an advertisement. Instead the article focuses on descriptions and other relevant information of the business, product, or service.

How to Use Anthologies to Build Your Reading Audience

How to use the followings of diverse and various writers in an anthology to increase your readership as an author.

How To Write Essay

?During my sophomore year at high school I was assigned to write an argumentative essay on any topic. I showed the first draft of the essay to my teacher. He read it carefully and then said, ?This essay is not what I want.? I felt disappointed and angry at the same time. What?s wrong with my essay? Why didn?t he explain?

7 Tips For Writing Thank You Letters With Class

In reality, thank you letters are among the most important letters we will ever write. Whether business or personal, an effective thank you letter needs to be written with sincerity, tact and sensitivity. Here are 7 Tips that will help you do just that.

'Learn Spanish' Lesson and the Present Perfect Tense

This Spanish Grammar lesson covers the Present Perfect Tense. Similar to English, the Present Perfect in Spanish is a compound tense that is used frequently, and quite easy to learn.

The Golden Hour

During a conversation earlier today, a formerly svelt young lady said that she had given up on the idea of exercise, because to have a body worth the trouble, it would take three or four hours a day.

5 Simple Ways To Speed Up Your PC According To Microsoft

While most people would not think of skipping preventative maintenance on their automobiles, they do not apply the same care to the machine that holds their business and banking data, pictures, music, and important communications

The Inside Scoop on Ghost Writing and Copyright

Ghost writing is a subject that attracts a huge amount of misunderstanding and misconception. But choosing a good ghost writer to work with can free you up enormously to concentrate on other things, while they take care of your content, articles, ebooks, reports and books.

How To Build A Story From The Foundation Up

My husband and I just purchased our first home, and we are so excited about finally ?putting down roots.? We came upon the house when it was still just a skeleton; and we watched as they slowly added the ceiling and walls, plumbing, electricity, flooring, windows, and doors. We had the opportunity to select the color of paint for the walls, the style of countertops, and the tile and carpeting for our floors. What a different look for our home when we added on to the foundatio...

Learning Spanish Grammar Online and the Preterite Tense

The preterite tense is another topic that seems to confuse English speakers of Spanish. English speakers learning Spanish have a tendency to confuse the preterite with the imperfect and vice versa. Both tenses describe actions that took place in the past.

It Was Good Enough For Shakespeare!

One of the core conflicts for creative artists of all kinds is the tug-of-war between art and commerce. Frankly, an artist needs to make money, and it is preferable to make it from his craft.

The Secrets Of Effective Article Posting

Submitting articles to article directories is a proven way to attract more visitors to your website, give you a higher search engine rankings and, ultimately, make you more money. However, search engines and article directories are getting tougher on the articles you submit and how you submit them. In this article we give you some tips on how to submit articles to directories successfully.

Forget About "Talent"!

How is a writer to access her deepest and most powerful wells of creativity? How do we tap into our talent, our genius, our greatest potential for success? Writing classes often tell us how to plot, or structure, or build characters, or create poetic images, but the question of accessing our excellence is a slippery and elusive one. It is possible we?ll need to go outside our usual sources to find an answer.

Not A Term Paper Mill!

As a writer for hire, do you accept every job that comes along or do you have definitive and concrete standards?

Writing/Typing Thoughts: Does It Help Solve a Problem?

Since my grade school years, I have already practiced writing my thoughts through small diaries and other journals. I always wrote down every single thought inside my head and I try to recuperate with the whole scenario of the day that I had. Since then, and until now, I still use a diary. But the difference is that before I used a huge notebook but now I use my computer. Every now and then, I do have problems like all people do. What I would like to share with you is to how you could help yours

The Secret Of Writing Persuasive Web Content

Writing persuasive web content covers a wonderful variety of writing techniques. You can use different voices, humor, inspiration, or sales copy. Every web page should have a purpose: To familiarize, to inform, or to call the reader to action (click to the next page, join a newsletter, buy a product, or sign up for a mini-course.)

Avoid Crafty Traps in Essay Writing

Hidden pitfalls are on watch for your paper success in every paragraph of the essay you write. They are notorious misprints, insidious misspellings and numerous stylistic, syntax and format errors. Indeed they are your restless essay writing enemies, which are always on the alert, putting obstacles on your way to excellent grades for your writing assignments.

The benefits of article marketing

There are many ways to get ahead in the cut throat world of internet marketing, but very few of them are easy and not all are ethical. The number of choices can be mind boggling at times. Ezines, newsletters, RSS feeds, Web 2.0 marketing and many more can all be effective, depending on your situation. However, very few offer all of the benefits that you get from article marketing. Read on to find out more.

Freelance Writing: A Career From Anywhere

An island in the Mediterranean. A beach in Africa. The east coast of New Zealand. What do these locations have in common? In each of these and in many other remote places, I know of writers who are freelancing with a fair degree of success.

How To Get Noticed By Editors And Publishers: Make Your Strengths Shine

To be a successful writer and get noticed, being good often isn?t good enough. You have to shine. You have to have something that puts you above all others. Of course though, nobody is perfect. Everyone has faults and flaws. But everyone has talents and abilities too. What?s your talent?

Trends v. Fads

Do you write for trends? Do you write for fads? Or both? Each segment has its own place in the field of writing and can, if you are wise about, be profitable to your writing business.

Choosing The Right Writer!

Discover these 7 essential facts that help you select the right writer for your website.

How To Survive A Good Review

When the first reviews for my most recent novel (Great Sky Woman, Random House 2006) started coming in, my emotions went through the usual roller coaster. The first, from Publisher?s Weekly, was 90% positive, but mentioned that, in their opinion, it was slow in spots. My stomach sank. Slow? In spots? Oh my God?all is lost!

How To Write A Book Without Writing A Book

Do you want to be an author? Or would you like to have your own e-book to sell on the Internet?

Write to Remember ? Seven Keys to Better Note taking

It?s a line most of us don?t cross ? we either are note takers or we aren?t. While this article may not make the die-hard non-note takers convert, it will give them some tools to try. And even the most avid note takers will get some new ideas to add to their approach.

The Lazy Man's Guide To Great Characterization

One subject arising whenever writers gather to discuss their craft is the mining of life itself for story material. While a vital and important technique, it is important to remember that real human beings are impossibly complex, far too complicated to serve as story characters without major modification. The most complex character in all of western fiction (arguably), Hamlet, is still only 1% as complex as a real human being.