Time Management

Are You Stressed Out?

It?s something we all talk about. How many times have you heard a friend or colleague say ?I?m really stressed out today?? Of course, many of us use the word ?stress? very loosely. Often we simply mean that we?ve had a bad day, and now all we want to do is get a drink, sit down in front of the TV, and chill out.

Foreplay Tips

Foreplay is an important and crucial part of the whole lovemaking process. It is simply defined as everything you do that comes before actual intercourse. A couple needs foreplay to spice up their sex life, get fully aroused, and heighten pleasure.

Spirituality Information - John Harricharan's Interview With Terri Marie (Q3)

Terri Marie: I know. I thought you were going to say three millennium. Well, that leads me to something -- I am going to ask some questions that are maybe a little bit off the beaten path. But I know if anyone has an answer it will be you. And you were just talking about it's all one energy and we're all one world connected, and I believed that as well, but then how do our individual soul fit into the process of life?

Practising Lucid Dreaming As A Method Of Exercising Control Over The Subconscious

For the Law of Attraction, as presented in the video, ?The Secret,? to work optimally, one needs to exercise mental control over both the conscious and sub-conscious mind. While many would say they can't be held accountable for what they dream, much evidence would suggest that not only does one have control over their dreams, but that it may be a key component in mastering your intent upon what may the most important level.

I Won The Race....No One Cared A Damn - Spirituality Information

Ants move in groups.. Ants never get tired. They are always on the move. I have never seen an ant take rest.... Is the ant really making any progress? God alone knows perhaps it could be moving in the wrong direction who knows...

Retirement Planning And Why It's Dumb

Know what? just this morning, before I popped open my laptop, a heretical thought crossed my head.

Stress Management For Students

?Mom, I?m, too sick to go to school today.? We joke about feigning illness to avoid school, but the illness is not always feigned. Stressors that students face each day can be just as detrimental as those faced by their parents. Yet stress management for students is not as readily available as is stress management for adults.

The Skinny On ?The Secret?

Produced by Prime Time Productions, The Secret is a feature length film showcasing the tenets of the New Thought movement via a number of interconnected vignettes focusing on ?The Law of Attraction.? Acted tidbits of drama intermingle with sit-down interviews to drive home the points made in the film. Although originally billed as a self-help aid, The Secret soon began to draw heavy criticism and the producers found themselves under fire from a variety of different sources.

The Problem With Sheep

You want dumb as a brick? You want too dense to get out of their own way? Get yourself some sheep.

The History Of Hypnosis Revealed

When it comes to exploring the history of hypnotism, you will find both scientific and unscientific pit stops throughout time. There is also an artistic aspect that warrants attention regarding the subject. As you study the records associated with this unique mental journey, an assortment of characters illustrate the power that hypnosis has possessed throughout the years.

Stress Management Via Anger Control

If anger rises, stress also rises.

Self Defence 4 ? Which Martial Art?

You are elderly and unfit. And very concerned at the risk you face when walking our streets and parks.

The Hardest Thing To Do In Quitting Is Staying Away From Cigarettes

Smoking is an addiction that is developed when one has this unmanageable reliance on cigarettes affecting negatively the entirety of a person?s health once it is stopped. But this does not mean that quitting smoking is impossible; only that it is hard to succeed in doing so.

Do You Need Focus To Achieve Your Goals Faster?

Let me ask you another question

You Are A Shining Star!

You can ask some people the direct question, ?What makes someone credible?? With others, you may have to be somewhat indirect. Ask, ?Who do you think is really reliable and can be believed? Why?? You may have to be even more indirect with some people. Ask, ?Who do think is a great leader? Why?? The responses you get to these questions indicate each person?s key credibility markers.

The Secret - When You Can Walk On Water , Take The Boat ( Part 19 )

Gideon settled on a rock and wriggled somewhat to make himself more comfortable.?Time is like the tides,? he said,?or more correctly, like a river. There are currents, white and dark water and backwash. Human beings have been conditioned from birth to believe in sequential time, that is,time as moment after moment.By the ripe old age of five or six, one has generally forgotten the intricacies of the nature of time and space and thus is primed to live in a world where tomorrow...

Impress Them With Your Killer Attitudes

3 Tips For Developing That Winning Attitude

Happy Miracles To You

?Miracles happen every day. Not just in remote country villages or at holy sites halfway across the globe, but here, in our own lives.?

Visualize And Create!

There is a polarity in everything in life?. happy and sad, rich and poor, fat and thin. It is the contrast and the differences between things that can really help us clarify what we want in life. When it comes to creating your life there is the having and the ?not? having.

Dealing With Trauma & Anger

I used to visit a support forum online for people recovering from various types of trauma. It felt like a wonderful place, and I know it does a lot of good for people. But after I was there for a while I started to wonder, "why don't I see anyone getting well here?" Out of all the people there, you would see lots of people having "insights," but the insights didn't seem to translate into anything but small improvements in their actual lives. The more time you spent there, the...

Is Anger Management Too Intricate?

The uncontrolled anger in a person owes a lot to the scenario where he or she was born and brought up. A self-segregated mind, at times proves to be too reluctant to suppress the furious emotions even on the pins and needles of small stuff. In such people anger or fury is an outcome of depression. A revised thought has to be made when dealing with such cases, since anger management should not necessarily be the only tool to bring them back to normalcy. We often find another c...

Why You Need Oxygen To Work The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction is all about magnetizing your visualization so that whatever that you have asked the universe for, will be attracted to you. One of the most important practices to harness the powers of electro-magnetic energy in the body is to sleep with the head of the bed pointing North, parallel to the earth?s magnetic poles. When all the molecules in the body are synchronized in one direction, they become magnetic, and will draw whatever you wish for from the univ...

Pay Attention, Awareness Changes Everything

Let me tell you an old Zen story about a monk, this monk knew that awareness was key to his existence and enlightenment. So he decided to go out and find a Master called Tao who was renowned for his ability for awareness. He searched high and low and eventually after many years of practicing awareness during his search for Master Tao he comes across some villagers who were talking about Master Toa's abilities. He approached them and asked them if they knew where he could be f...

Loving Those Who Seek To Suppress And Control Us.

We lose our love for those who want to control, suppress or use us when we believe that:

Build Your Self-Esteem With Nlp & Self-Hypnosis

A social phobia is a fear of interacting with others on a social level. Examples would be talking in front of other people, waiting in line at the checkout imagining others are looking at you, or even fear of talking on the phone.

Going With Your Gut: How To Self Calibrate

The Oxford English Dictionary defines intuition as "the immediate apprehension of an object by the mind without the intervention of any reasoning process".