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Tax Deduction for Alimony Payments? - Yes!

Over 50% of marriages end in divorce in the United States. Many divorce decrees include provisions for the payment of alimony. The IRS takes the position that such payments constitute a form of income and create an alimony tax deduction for the person making payments.

Why Rent An Arizona Limousine Or Arizona Charter Bus

There are so many reasons why it makes sense to rent an Arizona limousine that you really should be asking yourself, ?Why not rent an Arizona limousine?? Arranging for an Arizona limo is a great way to make a grand entrance, that?s for sure. But there?s more.

Taxi! What Consultants Can Learn From Cab Drivers

What lessons can consultants learn from cab drivers? How are they similar, and how are they different? Imagine what kind of ride the client would have if a different sort of "cab driver" came by to pick them up!

Limousine Service in Washington DC

Senate Limousine Servicehave over 15 years of experience in the transportation industry. We highly value our reputation in the industry and our relationship with you. Our expertise coupled with our impeccable management staff will deliver quality service to you and your group.

Things to Consider When Hiring a New York City Limousine

Finding a Manhattan limousine service in New York City isn't difficult, but selecting the right company for your needs can be a challenge.

Ultimate Limousine Guide

The ultimate limo guide to help you every step of the way. Limousine renting doesn't have to be difficult, check this guide to help you out. Limo renting made easy !!

5 Occasions to Use a New York Limousine Service

There are many occasions where a limo makes more sense than other forms of transportation. Here are five...

Washington DC Limousine Service

Dc Limousine & Sedan service Provider in the Virginia, Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC area, Airport runs,Regan Runs, Dulles Airport, Bwi, Baltimore limodc, sedan service.

Limousine for Presidents

In this article we are trying to analyze the historical and modern relation between limos and Presidents; how these extraordinary cars are shaped according to the kind of people that use them.

New York Limos Aren't Just for Business!

New York limousines are not just for business. Consider them for weddings, parties, ball games, graduations, proms or just a night on the town.

Hiring A Limousine

You can ride in just about any type of stretch limo for a lot less than you'd expect-- if you know how to drive a hard bargain.

Washington DC Tours ? Limo Tours

Link Limousine, Inc can serve you in DC,VA and MD. We have a proven car service in washington dc area we have been in the market for limousine and sedans for more than 7 years and we have decided to change our Corporation to better assist you with your needs for transportation in washington dc area .

Limousine Hiring For Dummies

If you're considering hiring a limousine service, there are a number of factors you have to consider before you zero in on a limousine operator. Or else, you will be taken for a fine ride. The rental cost is quite important, but it should never be the sole deciding factor. To help you choose the best limousine company for your needs, we've created a list of questions that you shouldn't hesitate to ask. A reliable and professional limousine operator will willingly give you all...

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Limousine Service

There are several types of limousines available (SUV, stretch limo, party bus, etc.). Choose the type that works best for your occasion, taking into consideration how many are in your party and what your plans are.

Limousine Service Advice

Easily breaks down the simple steps to limo renting. Covering the different limousines available, what to prepare for, and what to expect about renting limos.

Airport Limousine Advice

Easy answers to all your airport limousine service questions. Don't make the common mistakes, read and learn the easiest way to renta limo for airport pick up r drop off.

How to Have the Right Limo Service

For you to give an added touch to your special event, you should acquire the service of a limousine. In acquiring for limousine service, you should be alert and well-informed; you can do this by making sure that every details or information is taken into account.

New York Limos: Not Just For Business Anymore

If you know New York City, you know that there's only one way to get around that magnificent metropolis in style, and that's by limo.

Jeep Rental Versus Taxi In Aruba

Aruba is an island of paradox. Despite the presence of numerous luxury resorts and gourmet restaurants, much of Aruba remains uninhabited. For the tourist, this simply means there is more to explore. For example, nearly 20% of the island is devoted to the sprawling Arikok National Park. Inside and outside the park, you will find gorgeous views, unique historical landmarks and ecological wonders. The roads winding through Aruba?s distinctive desert landscape offer visitors a c...

Arrive in Style: Types of Limousines You Can Rent

The limousine, also called the limo, has come to be associated with luxury, glamour and style.

Limousine Services

Basic breakdown of many limousine uses, and the new changes to limo services. Explains many of the differences between limousines available ande the ammendaties available.

Wedding 101: Should You Rent A Limousine?

A wedding is a ceremony that celebrates the beginning of a marriage or civil union, and is considered one of the most important events in life, as well as a perfect opportunity to perform a traditional ceremony and celebrate with friends and family. Costs to creating the perfect wedding may vary, some may wish to stick to the traditional church-wedding types, and others may go for unique or otherwise adventurous stuff like getting married on roller coasters or balloons, bungee jumping right after tying the knot, or cruising around town on wedding limousines, replete with ?just married? signs, balloons and confetti.

How Taxing Utilities Can Keep Governments In Check

Under free market, all companies can talk all they want that all the stuff they put there is for my own good. However, if the product is overpriced or if it doesn?t serve my interest to get the product, I just don?t buy it.

Start A Hauling/Shopping/Taxi Business

Here is a simple business anyone with a van or SUV can perform: haul stuff for other people who don't have a way to do it themselves.

Strategic Advantage in Business: New York Limousines

Using limos in New York is not only pleasant and relaxing, it can also be an important part of your overall business strategy

Rome airport transportation: the strike of Rome's taxis

The requests of the taxi drivers in Rome