Stutter Problem, How To Overcome A Stutter

My name is Stephen Hill, I have overcome a stutter which had affected my life for eighteen years. I now help as many other people who stutter to achieve fluency as I can.

Stuttering Help

How many fluent people ever consider what life is like for somebody with a stutter?

Stuttering Treatment, Stammering Treatment

There are many different treatments for people who stutter/stammer. In this article I will describe some of the experiences and types of stuttering or stammering therapy people experiment with.

Reasons People Start To Stutter

When a person develops a stutter or a parent realises that their child is developing a stutter they often want to find out the cause. It can be very disturbing and worrying to a person and parents, so what causes a stutter?

Stuttering Speech Therapy

In this article, I write about the various types of stuttering therapies that are available. My background, I started stuttering at the age of four, it continued until I was twenty-two, basically ruining the eighteen years in between. I then fought very hard and eventually overcame the stutter.

Stuttering Treatment

There are many types of treatment for people who have a stammer or stutter, this article describes some of them. Stuttering has gained a lot of coverage in the news over the last number of years with people like pop singer Gareth Gates highlighting the problems people who stutter have.

Stuttering And Stammering Speech Impediment

Stammering or as it is sometimes known as stuttering is a form of speech impediment.

Severe Stutter

Stutter or stuttering can have a dramatic effect on somebodys confidence.

Speech Therapy For Children Who Stutter

Do you have a stutter? Does one of your children have a stutter? Do you know somebody who has a stutter? This article is all about the speech impediment known as stuttering or stammering. It includes information about stuttering and also treatments which are available to help people who stutter to achieve fluency.

Kill Your Stuttering Demons

Apparently one percent of British people suffer from the speech impediment called stuttering. Only people who stutter can ever really know how difficult life can become when you are unable to speak fluently in all situations.

Stuttering Self Help

I am Stephen Hill from Birmingham in England. I started to stutter at the age of four or five. My parents took me to a lot of different types of speech therapy, some in groups, some on a one to one basis. The kind of advice I was given to control my stutter or to overcome my stutter were varied.

The Fear Of Stuttering

I am someone, who from what my parents have told me, started to stutter when I was four years of age. I have to say that I hated having a stuttering problem and was determined that I eventually would be able to have the confidence to say whichever words that I wanted to, in any situation. There were you see a number of words which I believed I just could not say and I also found it difficult to talk when I felt under pressure. After living with the stutter for eighteen years, I finally managed to achieve fluency and life has never been so good. It is like having a weight lifted from my shoulders.

Help For Stuttering

For people who have fluent speech, it is hard to imagine what it must be like for people who stutter.

Speech Course For A Stutter

This article describes the type of stutter speech courses which are available. In general they are designed to help people who stutter to achieve fluency.

Stutter In Child

When a child starts to develop a stutter, it comes as a shock to everyone involved. It can be a very stressful time for both the parents and for the child.

The Latest Forms Of Stuttering Treatments

If you suffer from the speech impediment known as stuttering, you are not alone. Latest figures suggest that around one percent of the population of England has a stutter or stammer and that the majority of these people are male. In this article I write about the latest stuttering treatments that are available.

Toddlers Who Stutter

Some parents have the shock of hearing their young child start to stutter as a toddler. I am somebody who runs a speech centre in Birmingham, England, I now help people to achieve fluency.

Stuttering Stories

Having a stutter can have a dramatic effect on somebodys confidence.

Cause Of Stuttering

When a person has a stutter or a parent realises that their child is developing a stutter they often want to find out the cause. So what causes a stutter?

The Ways In Which People Try To Hide Their Stutter

I am somebody who developed a stutter at the age of four and it continued to affect my life for the next eighteen years. My name is Steve Hill and I am now (2006) thirty-two years of age and have been fluent for around the last ten years. In this article I am going to write about the different ways in which people try to hide their stutter. Some of these people who stutter are so good at hiding it, that many of their friends or family may not even be aware that they actually have a stutter at all.

Stuttering Toddler

For a parent, it is a big shock when their young toddler starts to stutter. What to do next is hard to decide, whether to seek help from a stutter specialist or to hope it is just a phase.

The Stress Of People Who Stutter

Many people become affected by different levels of stress. This stress may be caused by worrying about money, work, relationships, health, family, holidays, moving house or many other daily issues. For certain people who live life with a stuttering problem, stress can have an altogether different meaning. As well as worrying about all of the above issues they have many other things to stress about, things that fluent people just take for granted and see as very simple tasks/events.

Stuttering Disorder

Stuttering, scientifically known as stammering is a speech disorder in which the normal flow of speech is frequently disrupted by repetitions of sounds, syllables, words or phrases, pauses and prolongations that differ both in frequency and severity from those of a normally fluent speaker.

Eliminate The Stutterings

Some people lose confidence upon facing other people due to a speech problem known as stuttering. This is a severe condition in speech that experiences problems in fluency. Its symptoms include the person's facial muscles becoming tensed as he or she tries to speak. This is very common to children who are just beginning to talk. Stuttering is a disfluency that causes them to repeat some of their words' syllables. Although this is normal, the severity can cause concern for som...

The Frustration Of Having A Stutter

Are you one of the many people who suffer with the speech impediment known as stuttering or stammering? Does your stutter/stammer cause you to become very frustrated at times? Have you attended speech therapy in the past in the hope that it would help improve your speech? I am a person who has overcome a stutter and I now help other people to achieve fluency. In this article, I write about the frustrations and emotions that people who stutter have to deal with.

The Reasons People Develop A Stutter

I have been asked many times, why certain people develop a stutter. I personally believe there are many reasons and this article describes some of them and gives examples of why certain people of whom I have met via my occupation, started to stutter.