Learn How To Get Your Articles In the Directories Without Being A Spammer

Mary Hanna has written this article to compare the three different processes to submit articles to the Directories. All three ways have been tested by her personally.

Spam: Where it Came From, and How to Escape It.

In 1936, long before the rise of the personal computer, Hormel Foods created SPAM. In 2002, the company will produce it's six billionth can of the processed food product. But that mark was passed long ago in the world of Internet spam.

What Is Anti-spam Filter?

Spam is unsolicited and unwanted email. Other common names of spam are spam mail, bulk email or just junk mail. Today, spam has reached such monumental proportions that almost every other message we receive is spam. Protecting the inbox with anti-spam filter has become one of the barest necessities for almost all PC users.

How To Block Spam Mail

It is impossible that you have never heard of junk mail. But if ever you truly do not know what junk mail is, it is that mail you get that completely irritates you. It is the mail that you never ever wanted to have. It is probably the mail that advertises certain products that you do not even have any idea existed.

Steps to Reducing SPAM in Your Inbox

More than 180 billion spam messages are sent out each day to over 1 billion Internet users. Many companies are working hard to solve the spam problem, but the first step to stopping spam starts with the consumer.

Two Main Groups Of Spam!

There are two main types of spam, and they have different effects on Internet users. Cancellable Usenet spam is a single message sent to 20 or more Usenet newsgroups. (Through long experience, Usenet users have found that any message posted to so many newsgroups is often not relevant to most or all of them.) Usenet spam is aimed at lurkers, people who read newsgroups but rarely or never post and give their address away. Usenet spam robs users of the utility of the newsgroups ...

Internet Marketing: Making Your Wordpress Blog Spam-Proof

As long as there is Internet marketing, there will be spam. A lot of it comes from overseas, but some of it is from people who just don't know any better. They learn to go about doing things the wrong way, and some of them can get into trouble, as with email spamming. But the people who spam blogs, are by and large, just wasting their time.

Why You Should Never Buy From Spammers

If you use the internet, you?ve undoubtedly heard of Spamming. But do you actually know its true definition? Many people don?t, they just recognize the fact that it?s annoying and potentially bad. Well, what spam indexing actually is stems from web pages that are created so that a particular website?s ranking in search engine results increases. These web pages can be nothing more than garbage and phrases stuffed into the coding that will appear as legitimate information sourc...

An Introduction To Spam Filters

Using spam filters is another very effective way of combating spam or junk mail. These programs use some keywords like ?guaranteed?, ?free?, etc and block any email with those words in them. But this has the disadvantage of sometimes blocking even important mails from your contacts and preventing those senders from sending mails to your address again. The way out is to use add-on spam filters which allow you to control the content that should be allowed into your inbox. This will save you a lot of time and energy as you no longer will have go through each and every email before identifying it as spam and eliminating it.

How Spammers Obtain Your Email Address And Why They Send Spam

You probably know that Spam is unsolicited and undesired e-mail message. Spammers are the people who send Spam. Spam is a serious problem. It is important today as never before because almost every other email message we receive is Spam. So, the question arises how spammers get your email address and why they send you Spam. Spammers can obtain your email address in three ways.

The Threat of Spam and Basic Preventative Measures

This article delves into the threat of spam and what basic preventative measures you can take.

Real Businesses Send Spam, Too!

Although the vast majority of this bulk email is being perpetrated by individual spammers and a few large bulk mailers pushing pornography, gambling, get rich schemes, ?medicinal cures? and bootleg software, real businesses have been caught in the web also by committing several errors. The three ways a legitimate business falls into the Spam mode are: 1. Legal non-Compliance, 2. Violating Trust, and 3. Lack of Value.

What You Need For Blocking Spam Email

Nowadays, people rely highly on the World Wide Web. The Internet is depended for solution to various dillemmas. From lovers who want to a worth-it honeymoon location to gamers who want to test their agility on new online games, the cyberworld is, indeed, very busy.

Strategies To Fight Email Spam

If you are a business owner and you rely on email, spam is going to be a major concern. How you address it can make a big difference in employee efficiency. Email spam has been a nuisance and has gotten even worse over the last several years. Email spam slows down server performance and can eat away at storage.

How Spam Works

Spam involves sending unsolicited e-mail to many people, and is a very common practice today. It is not unusual for the average person to have 30% of his or her e-mail as spam, and there is a huge demand for new techniques to block spam including the existing methods, such as spam blockers, spam filters and the creation of e-mail whitelists.

Tune Up Your Email Newsletter To Be Compliant With Anti-Spam Filters

In this article we?ll continue talking about how to create a healthy email message and give a few tips how to survive anti-spam filters. Anti-spam filters catch every incoming email before it is delivered into the inbox and review it. They use a scoring system to classify an email as spam or legitimate. These filters (you might have heard about SpamAssassin, SpamProbe, or SpamCombat) look for certain patterns in the message, and assign "spam points" to it based on certain cri...

How Do Anti Spam Solutions Work?

We have all suffered from these annoying dangerous spam emails. Most of us still do. There are excellent anti spam solutions in the market, there is no reason to tolerate this no more.

Phishing ? It?s Signs and Your Options

Phishing is the act of some individual sending an email to a user in an attempt to scam the user to release personal information. Is it easy to determine if it?s a scam? Sometimes ? but not always. I hope to give you enough examples and information to help you to safeguard yourself from these unsavory individuals.

Why Do We Need Anti-Spam Software?

Spam, otherwise known as junk email or unsolicited commercial email; is quickly becoming on of the most prevalent complaints of internet users. Not only is it annoying, but it is quickly becoming a dangerous and potentially expensive problem for businesses as well as individuals.

Spam - What?s The Best Online Traffic Generation Method?

One evening a little over a week ago, my son and I were both standing at my open front door. We both heard the happy buzz of a motorbike going past the entrance to our street out on the main road. It wasn?t under throttle or anything, but I was listening for it to slow down at the T intersection where the road ends. We listened as it cruised in at a merry pace. Then without warning there was an abrupt thump and silence.

Spam Filter - Bayesian Filter to Fight back Spammers

The number of Spam, Phishing, Fraud and Non English Character mails has increased many folds. A Bayesian filter with White/Black List capability, integrating seamlessly with MS Outlook and Outlook Express, to fight back spammers.

Is Spamming For Business A Way To Go?

Spam is simply unwanted, unsolicited mail sent to your Mail Box.

How To Get Rid Of Spam For 2-Cents

Spammers spend thousands of hours trying to figure out how to get around spam filters on the public email network. A spammer's goal is to reach millions of people with the same email message and hope that enough folks respond to the offer.

How To Get E-mail Spam Banned At Subconscious Level

I don?t think I have to tell you that spam sucks big time. It sucks so much that people hate spam and spammers. People are wasting countless hours deleting spam, writing complaints, tracking down spammers (today it is a completely hopeless thing because spammers are using networks of zombie PCs that are not even aware they are used to send the spam). I used to be a ?warrior with a spam? some time ago, and amount of spam I was getting, was growing and growing, no matter what f...

How To Maximize Personal Development By Instantly Stopping Mental Spam

Did you know that the one solitary reason why people fail in their personal development efforts is because they allow their own belief systems to get in the way?

If You Do Research On The Web You Really Need An Internet Spam Filter

Spam has got to be one of the most annoying things on the Internet today. I remember when pop-ups first came on the scene, every website I went to was inundated with tons of pop-ups, I hated them, and I'm sure I wasn't alone. Spam flooded the Internet with so many copies of the same messages, it's a very shameful attempt to force the message on people who would not otherwise choose to receive it. Most spam is commercial advertising of get-rich-quick schemes, or products for y...