Spartans: At The Gates Of Fire

At the Battle of Thermopylae, a combined Greek force led by the Spartans engaged a much larger invading Persian force. The battle was a tactical defeat, but it served as inspiration for the Greek defenders. It also acts as the point in history that forever thrust Spartan military might into the realm of legend.

People Are Moving Out Of The City.

Americans leaving the nation?s big cities in search of cheaper homes

Find People For Free

How do you find people for free? It can be as simple as using the phone or the mail. Here are a couple ways to find someone without a private investigator.

The History Of Medical Scrubs

If I asked you to picture a surgeon in your mind's eye, you almost certainly would picture an individual in medical scrubs (most likely white or green scrubs), wearing a mask, etc. But it hasn't always been that way. Medical scrubs are actually a relatively modern practice.


One of the most debated subjects around the world is forgiveness. Somebody does something wrong, either against an individual, or against the society.

Rubber Bracelets

There has been a surge in the popularity of rubber bracelets in recent years.

Common Dream Symbols And Their Meanings

Dreams and their meanings are as individual as the people who dream them, but the following list of common dream symbols and some of their many meanings can help you get started in the fascination and the "fun world" of dream interpretation.

Loss of a parent | How to Deal With The Grief!

Grief is a great mental pain that occurs after the loss of someone dear to you. You will have to accept the fact that someone so close to you is lost.

Bring to Life Your Beliefs in Ghosts

Ever woken up from deep sleep upon hearing your child or sibling screaming? They were probably having a nightmare, and you must have heard elders say a ghost must have come by. Well, today these supernatural phenomenons are no longer just a figment of our imagination. There are people who are ready to prove them to be real. Just as different people have different interests, some are into UFO?s and crop circles mysteries. For them, any news or tit bits about paranormal activities are like honey. They savor them and are dying to discuss this with others.

Airsoft Guns - Air soft Guns

The right place to find quality airsoft guns & airsoft rifles at cheap price.

Drug Rehab: Outpatient vs. Inpatient - What's The Difference?

When an addict finally decides to seek out the help they so desperately need, they will have two primary types of addiction treatment programs to choose from: inpatient and outpatient. Understanding the differences and similarities of these two programs will help make it easier for the addict and their loved ones to identify which is best for their individual needs.

Why do We Celebrate Birthdays

Why do we celebrate birthdays? What is it that we are toasting? Is it the fact that we have survived another year against many odds? Are we marking the progress we have made, our cumulative achievements and possessions? Is a birthday the expression of hope sprung eternal to live another year?

Men?s Formal Dress

When you receive an invitation card for the formal party, this may be a sign that you are having a move up your career path or it is your first formal charity event. As you read the invitation you see listed among the details "black tie". Does that mean you need to wear a tuxedo? Will a suit do just as well?

Are GayTruckers Real?

Are GayTruckers real?

Test Your Shopping Style And Improve

Human beings come in many types. So do our styles vary. All of us have our own unique style.

Why People Lie

Why do people lie, especially to those they love?

The Essential of Good Psychic Readings

This article illustrates what a true psychic reading should be. It also talks about if the results can be trusted as useful information.

The Awful Truth About Television: The little box that transformed society

When television was first introduced, commentators thought American families wouldn't have time or patience to sit down and watch. We've come a long way since then. Part 1 of "The Awful Truth About Television" series.

Tips On Recycling Office Paper

There are several good reasons why office paper must be recycled. First, papers used in offices are usually high-grade, and it's a shame to see these quality paper reduced to waste. A staggering 77% of these papers are recyclable. Second, an average business office employee can produce a pound and a half of paper waste in working for a business office daily. Finance offices generate waste paper from two to three pounds per employee daily. Third, production costs can be lowere...

Electronic Medical Record Software and Patients Paying for Missed Appointments

Should patients pay for missed appointments? See how implementing electronic medical records and medical billing software is changing doctor?s offices and making them better for the patient and the practice.

Cannibalism and Human Sacrifice

Cannibalism (more precisely, anthropophagy) is an age-old tradition that, judging by a constant stream of flabbergasted news reports, is far from extinct.

Mathematician Mom Re-engineers Quilting

During her career as a software engineer, Marci Baker solved difficult mathematical problems. When she became a stay-at-home mom, she turned to solving another problem involving precision and speed: "How do you make a traditional quilt in one-tenth the time?"

Men - Why Do You Batter Women?

In this century when we all talk of exploring mars and reaching help to the deep corners of Africa, is it not only surprising and also shameful that some men batter their wives?

Love - Begin With Vigor After Failure

Defeat in love is very disheartening. You love some body dearly and he/she does not reciprocate your feelings at all. Or you have already gone a long distance with someone and he/she goes alone after that.

Consider Serving In The Army

Are you nearing high school graduation and are unsure of what to do next or where to go to college? Or perhaps you are unsure if college is really the right next step for you? You should consider the option of serving with the army.

If I Only Had A Brain: Overcoming The Manipulation Of Celebrity Political Endorsements

The Recent hype surrounding Oprah's backing of Senator Barack Obama shines a spotlight on the single most important issue on the political plate of the American people for the next Presidential election. Are we truly exercising our right to vote or, is someone else doing the workout for us?