Dream About A Marathon

A marathon is the ultimate dream for many runners. People who have been running for years and some that have never run a day in their life love the idea of finishing a marathon. There seems to be something magical about the concept of a marathon, almost as if it seems super-human to compete in one or even to complete one.

How To Choose The Proper Running Shoe

Choosing the right running shoe can make a all the difference in whether you stay healthy or become injured running and also determine if you will be comfortable or be in pain while running.

Good training practices

To be a good athlete you must have good training practices. Training practices are more than just what you do on the track; they involve how you live your day to day life.

Benefits of a good training journal

Most of us have trained at one part in our lives. Chances are if you?ve ever taken your training seriously you?ve used a training journal or a training log.

Why Do My Feet Hurt So Much When I Run?

If you are a seasoned runner you know the importance of a good running shoe. It can make the difference between a great running experience, or potential injury.

Running Indoors has its advantages

Treadmills have many advantages over real running and walking.

Running Hydration Gear! A Good Water Hydration System Keeps The Motor Running

For individuals preparing for their next marathon, or leisure running event, you know how important it is to keep your body fully hydrated to maintain your ultimate peak performance. But no matter what level of runner you are, having properly designed running hydration gear can be vital...

Running on the Right Path

This article is about an experience the author had one day when he decided to go for a run in the hills near his house. What started out as a quest for exercise and stress relief turned out to be a lesson in life after he runs into a group of rowdy teenagers in the middle of nowhere.

Choosing the Right Running Shoe

Purchasing anything new can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very frustrating. Purchasing a pair of Running shoes is no different, and do the nature of our bodies I wouldn?t recommend rushing into a pair of shoes just because they are cheap or convenient.

The Fastest Nation

Find out why the Americans have clear superiority over others in individual sprint disciplines.