RingtoneFeeder Launches Innovative New Service for iPhone ringtones

RingtoneFeeder, is proud to announce the launch of its new service for iPhone ringtones. RingtoneFeeder provides a new and innovative approach to ringtones through its subscription service, which automatically installs a new original ringtone on subscribers? iPhones via iTunes every week. The earlier people subscribe to the service, the bigger the ringtone collection they will have. When a ringtone has been released, it will not appear in the weekly feed ever again.

History of ringtones History of ringtones

Interesting article giving interesting info about the history of Ringtones

Cell Phone Ringtones And Wallpaper - Express Yourself!

In today?s day and age, a person?s cell phone is as much of a fashion statement as their hairstyle or clothing choices. Cell phone ringtones and wallpaper are two very popular ways to customize your cellular phone and differentiate yourself from the pack. If you are not familiar with these great cell phone customization methods, I will give you a brief overview of them in this short article.

Over The Net To Your Phone: How To Download Ringtones

Are you tired of hearing the same ordinary ringing sound from your phone?

Downloading Free Ringtones Online - Advantages Overview

Just imaging a phone ringtone that makes people turn around and look at a passerby who catches their attention. A good ring tone that reflects your personality will add to your persona. It will be a customized tone reflecting your mood and taste. Therefore, it becomes important to know how to download free ring tones online. In case you great rock music buff and choose opera music, it will be a mismatch to your personality. So, next time you sift the Internet, make sure that ...

The Mosquito Ringtone - The Tone Adults Can't Hear

Without a doubt, the mosquito ringtone is one of the most popular ringtones ever. Good luck trying to find a teenager who hasn't already downloaded the mosquito ringtone to his cell phone.

Mosquito Ringtone

Cellphone ringtones of high frequency when most adults cannot hear it is called the mosquito ringtone, zumbitone, ultrasonic ringtone or simply teenbuzz ringtone.

The What And How Of Music Ring Tones

Music lovers have already taken their music with them to their cell phone through music ring tones.

MP3 Ringtone: A Trendy Feature For Free

Music has always been around since time immemorial. It has been a part of every individual?s life. Music, to some can bring glee to their day. To others, it is therapeutic, where all worries and pain are temporarily put to an end whenever they hear music.

Pink: The Reigning Queen Of Ring Tones

With advent of real tones or MP3 ring tones, ring tone market has witnessed a great surge and various artists have been incorporated into this global business of ring tones. Musical ring tones created after editing favorite musical numbers of popular pop or rock stars have become order of the day. A good number of artists are competing to top the charts that do not hail from the world of music. Instead it hails from the world of ring tones. Some artists have even geared up to...

Download Free Ringtone ? Just An Internet Away!

Different models for cell phones are seen everywhere and the need to have ringtones is a necessity for most cell phone owners. People can personalize their ringtones with the use of different file formats depending on the capacity of their phones.

A Cheap Cell Phone Addition: Free Ringtones Show Off Your Style

Express Yourself with Free Ringtones

What You Need To Know Before Downloading Ringtones

The ringtone craze extends from fanatics in their pre-teens to those in post-retirement. The ease at which ringtones can be added to a mobile is staggering, and assigning a specific tone to a friend or family member is as simple as clicking a few buttons. However, there is some discretion that should be used before downloading ringtones to keep any "surprises" from entering your mobile, or even worst, your wallet.

Say Goodbye To The Boring Tones With Hotlink Caller Ringtone

Ring?ring? Are you getting fed up with the typical tones that you hear over your phone? Perhaps your caller also complains hearing the toot-toot sound of your mobile. Today, the use of cellular phone is even more than a need but of a trend.

The Ringtone Craze - Ringtones Of All Shapes And Sizes!

Almost everyone owns a cell phone these days. People are probably more likely to be homeless than to not have a cell phone. Some people, like me, have more than one cell phone, usually one cell phone is for personal use, and the other one is for business. Cell phones are getting smaller and smaller, but they are also gaining more and more features. There are many cell phones available that can take pictures, send and receive email, open up Microsoft Word documents, and downlo...

Verizon Wireless And Ring Back Ring Tones

Verizon Wireless came up with an answer to the ring tone rage that is going around in the cell phone industry. Instead of going with the flow that every cell phone manufacturer has gone through, Verizon came up with the ring tone reverse.

What Your Ringtones Say About You

You can tell a lot about people by the ringtones they choose. Here, a look at some of the popular ringtones categories and what they just might.

How To Find The Best Ringtones

Ringtones originally were a take-what-you-get feature associated with the purchase of a new cell phone. Currently, phones come with an assortment of built-in ring tones, with capabilities to store countless more.

Matters About Nokia And Your Need For A Free Ringtone

?Connecting people?? Nokia has been true with its slogan. They connect people. Nokia is believed to be one of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones which started its telecommunication business for more than three decades already.

Remanufacturing Toner Cartridges Saves Big Money And Landfills

General Information & Background

Ringtones Add A Fun And Personal Touch To Today's Cell Phones

Ringtones and mobile phones go together like peanut butter and jelly. They can easily set your mood, voice an opinion or remind you of days gone by. What does your ringtone say about you, or the people who call your mobile phone? Just about any tone you are looking for is now available, so let's find out how to use your ring tone to express yourself.

Motorola Ring Tone- Milestone In Ringtone History

Literally speaking, there are not only tens but hundreds of cell phone models that are sold in the market. Sometimes, you will run out of time in choosing the best that you think will fit your needs. Dozens of manufacturers are also competing in the world of technology. Over time, new features and versions are being advertised in billboards and televisions that caught your attention.

Sprint Ring Tones

Sprint phones are popular choices for countless cell phone users. With free downloadable ring tones, it's possible for those users to personalize their phones to create a sound all their own.

Tired Of The Usual? Funny Ring Tone Is The Solution

The funny ring tones that are now available made it possible for cell phone owners to have their own unique and stylish identity. With all the people having their very own cell phones nowadays, it is not surprising that many would want to distinguish themselves from the usual ring tones that people hear everyday.

Things You Can Do With Your Nokia Ringtone

What?s the use of your Nokia Ring tones if you will not maximize its service?