Beginning Acoustic Guitar

So you have decided the acoustic guitar is the instrument for you. What are the first steps to take to get your guitar playing off to a flying start?

Acoustic Guitars - The Best Tuners

Getting your guitar in tune is the first major challenge for the acoustic guitar student. This article helps take the sting out of guitar tuning by taking us through each step of the process.

Easy Guitar Tabs

This article on Easy Guitar Tabs covers the process of using guitar tabs to generate a repertoire for a beginner guitarist. The aim is to have a collection of crowd pleasing songs that are easy to play.

Beginner Kayaker? Find the Best Kayak Paddle

Buying a good paddle is as important as buying a good kayak. There are many different paddles to choose from.

Acoustic Guitar Tab

This article tells you about the joys of being an acoustic guitarist and the availability of guitar tabs. But the simplicity of learning to play guitar from tab may be offset by the limitations of the tablature form of guitar notation.

The Verve Intellectual Property Case: A Bittersweet Example

Intellectual property's tentacles are long and strong. Maybe the largest battlefield in IP is the music industry. Composer, producers, interpreters and license owners might get unexpectedly involved in legal battles regarding the misuse or abuse of a song of their property. Sometimes it is just something as little as a sample of the song but are legal frictions can deal with millions and millions of dollars.

Free Guitar Chord Charts

You can find any kind of chord chart online. From the simplest beginner's song to sophisticated instrumental works. How can the amateur guitarist make good use of this amazing collection of guitar chords?

The Pros Of The Zune Car Charger

This article is all about the Zune Car Charger. I will give you an inside look on what features this product has as well as what makes this an excellent product. There are quite a few features that outshine iPod accessories and I will tell you what they are. If your looking to purchase a zune car charger, I recommend this article before making your purchase.

Getting the right Saw, Saw Selection Tips

Choose a blade size

Jeans Styles - Low Rise Jeans

When low rise jeans first came out, I knew there was no way this body was ever even going to attempt wearing them.

The Worlds Premier Online Tool Show for Machining and Manufacturers Resources

The mission of is to provide manufacturers and distributors with a very affordable 24/7 online industrial trade show booth to exhibit their latest technology and special product offering(s) to a worldwide audience of potential buyers.

Movie Review "Mouth to Mouth" a cult perspective

Based on the directors brief experience in Europe as part of cult the story centers around Sherry, a young runaway meets the radical street collective SPARK - Street People Armed with Radical Knowledge - while she is living on the streets of Europe.

Acoustic Guitar Tablature - Is It Real Sheet Music?

Beginner guitarists often get caught up in the question of whether to learn to read sheet music or simply learn from tablature. This article states the case for both forms of musical notation and brings to light the fact that the guitarist must find whether tab or sheet music fits the path he sees for himself as a musician.

Online Electric Guitar Lessons

There are many advantages to learning to play the electric guitar online. Let us look at some of them and see how they weigh up against traditional guitar lessons.

Electric Guitar Tabs Explained

Electric guitar tabs are by far the easiest way to learn to play guitar without wasting time in too much preparation. So where are they and how do they help?

The Evolution Of The Electric Guitar

The first electric guitars were made in the 1930's in response to a demand from guitarists in bands whose rhythmic stylings could not be heard above the other instruments. This challenge began the evolutionary process of the solid body electric guitar.

This Awesome Thing: Products to Help Improve Overall Quality of Life?

Products such as get rich quick, get rich slow, or just change how your mindset is about the very aspects of life is a multi billion dollar industry. Every aspect, including merchandise from motivational speakers to weight loss coaches and diets, to how to build your internet empire, and how to learn how to better communicate with the opposite sex are sold everyday on the world wide web.

The Influence Of Blues Guitar On Modern Music

This article traces the history of the influence of the blues music in general and thr guitar in particular on our culture.

What To Look For In A Good Home Massage Chair

Massage chairs have the potential to be significant investment. Therefore, it is important for you to do some research beforehand. Your decision to buy a massage chair is typically influenced by your requirements and budget. Asking yourself some right questions to ascertain your needs before making the purchase can help you make the right choice.

Learn To Play Guitar Fast

If you have ever gazed in awe at a guitar player with exceptional technique, you have probably wondered if you could ever play like that. The ability to play guitar fast does not require talent but it does depend on regular practice.

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The mission of is to provide manufacturers and distributors with a very affordable 24/7 online industrial trade show booth to exhibit their latest technology and special product offering(s) to a worldwide audience of potential buyers.

Besame Mucho - Guitar Chords And Lyrics

Besame Mucho is a song that proves there is a sixteen-year-old Mexican girl lurking inside all of us. Consuelo Velazquez wrote a song that has captivated the imagination of the world since the 1940's.

Les Paul Guitars - What Makes Them Special?

The Les Paul collection of guitars have always been as stylish and innovative as the guitarist and inventor they were named after.

Tips For The Beginner On Acoustic Guitar

There are some things you should know about beginner model acoustic guitars before you pay out your hard-earned cash. This article will help you to learn what a beginner-friendly instrument the acoustic guitar is.

Classical Gas - An Enigma Of Modern Music

Classical Gas is one of the most recognisable and most requested tunes in history. The story of this piece of music is almost more fascinating than the music itself.

Downloadable Music on Mobile Phone - The Latest Trend

Mobile phones have become an essential gadget for all class of people in almost every region in today's world. Now, mobile phones not only serve communication purpose, they also take care of entertainment features. Download Fun makes it possible for mobile phone users and other mobile devices to download ring tones, screensavers, and wallpapers over the net.