Creating Amazingly Effective and Efficient Relationships

Effective relationships can be worth their weight in gold, read this article to see why.

The Lost Art of Listening

What does it mean to truly listen to another person ? Find out how to help your relationships and get more out of communication by fine tuning your listening skills. Let others know that you care enough to give them your full attention, improve personal and professional relationships by learning the lost art of listening !

The Egoistic Friend

What are friends for and how can a friendship be tested? By behaving altruistically, would be the most common answer and by sacrificing one's interests in favour of one's friends.

Are You Attracted To The Wrong Sort Of Man?

How often have you said to a your friends, ?I always seem to pick guys who are bad for me.?

Relationship Test - Are You Happier Being Alone?

Many of us are of the types who are happy being alone. If such persons enter into any relationship it will invariably fail.

Nurturing friendships

When we plant a tree, we take care of that plant from the smallest stage of growth. We not only nurture that plant with water, air and fertilizers, but also protect it from any damage. Friendship is one such plant. One has to take care of friends, as one takes care of the plants, one grows.....

Express Your Love With Flowers

Flowers are a heartfelt, natural way to lift our spirits. They can provide a smile for a tired face or even brighten a room for a convalescent. Just imagine your favorite flower. Are you smiling yet? You are definitely in a better mood.

How betrayed lovers can carry on?

For those who have been betrayed in love, it becomes impossible to understand about how their lover could betray them? It is like a child stabbing the mother. Imagine the pain of the mother who brought up her child with nothing but love, care and took every pain to see that her child was

Will You Survive a Relationship Breakdown?

Relationships connect us in this world with each other. We have many kinds of relationships-parental, sibling, friends, professional and love.

How to meet local swingers online

My experiences with a local adult personals website, and how it changed my life!

Relationship- Will You Grow Together Till Old Age?

In today's age for a couple to think of growing together till old age looks difficult. The rate at which divorces are taking place and couples separate, it is a difficult task.

Promises - Never Break Them In A Relationship

What is a promise? It is a pledge or an assurance given by one person to other that he/she will act exactly as promised.

7 Warning Signs That She is Not Interested in You Anymore

To break up a relationship is a harder decision

Platonic Friendships Last - Relationships Don?t - Why?

Once you add sex into a relationship it's the beginning of the end.

The Man who worked laboriously so you can bloom

Every father is a hero to his children. When children grow-up and become busy in their lives, they commonly forget about their fathers, who greatly helped them in becoming the successful individuals they are today.

Coping with stress and anxiety among teens

Anxiety in everyday occurences; separation anxiety; example of separatio anxiety and how to look for its symptoms; how to cope up with separation anxiety;

How To Visit A New Mom And Have Her Love You Afterwards

Going to visit a new Mother and her tiny baby? As a Mom who has been there 4 times, I've had great and not-so-great experiences when friends came to visit postpartum. Make your visit a blessing instead of a drudgery with these tips.

Men, Paid Love and Upscale Escorts

Madame Kurkova, the owner of the recognised High Class escort services Dynasty Queens, talk to us about men and paid love. Why men choose this option, and why this hectic lifestyle requires paid companions to provide soul health.

Jealousy : A lonely place to be!

You really have to experience this emotion to understand its strong hold on a persons mind. Not only their mind, but their entire being.

The Biggest Mistakes Men Make in a Relationship

Relationships are difficult to sustain. Very few

Tips for online dating success

Tips for online dating success is a handy

Are You Being Disrespected By Your Mate?

How to detect the signs of disrespect in your relationship.

Do You Want Trust Back In Your Relationship?

TRUST is hard to earn, but easy to lose. And without TRUST, relationships come apart quickly.

Is it Self-Esteem or Self-Confidence or what lies in between?

I was driven towards looking to the self-confidence and self-esteem in ourselves on a deeper level. How do we evaluate the two?

Online Dating: Your Profile Picture

When you are first joining an online dating community, the most important thing that you can do is build up a good profile. Your profile is going to be the very first thing that people read to get an impression of you but also with most people, guys and girls the same will learn from an appearance.

How to Stop Attracting Negative People to Your Life

The Law of Attraction can be used to ensure that you are always in vibrational harmony with the people you are attracting into your life. If you plot your vibration on a scale that measures from 1-100, with 100 being the highest calibration, you are currently attracting other people into your life that match your score on this scale. In other words, if your vibration measures 75 on this scale and a person in your life measures closely to that, you are a close vibrational match.