Public Speaking

How To Improve Communication Skills And Your Personal Style

Six tips for improving your communication style.

5 Ways to Liven Your Audience

Has a boring speaker ever put you to sleep? Your head begins to nod as you fight off the urge to slip mercifully into the Land of the Z?s. Or has your mind ever wandered during someone?s dull presentation? Although you appear to listen intently, what you are really thinking about are the million tasks waiting for you at home.Sure, this has happened to all of us, more than we would like to admit. However, don?t let it happen to you when you are the speaker.

Public Speaking - A Starters Guide

The record fear among most people is the horror of communal speaking. So how do you go about becoming a good presenter if you?ve never tried it before?

How To Communicate Better With Body Language Secrets

Since the 1970?s, learning how to communicate better has had a lot to do with understanding body language.

How to Develop a Dynamic Story

Story telling is a very effective way to get your point across. Here are some tips to help you develop a dynamic powerful story.

speaking precisely

speaking precisely You can express yourself better if you learn the proper words to use for each situation. You can pick up these words by reading good books and articles. Just be careful you don't pronounce something incorrectly in your head, and then speak that way in public. People will think you're ignorant.

Better Public Speaking

Presentations and public speaking, although daunting, can be a very enjoyable, rewarding experience, once adequate time is taken to prepare and rehearse them. An enthusiastic speaker who is confident with their material will make a lasting memorable impression on their audience.

Public Speaking Tips

Any public speaking involves delivering information to people who are, in one way or another, waiting to get some information. This is a key reason why you should pay careful attention as you prepare to make you speech and as you plan to meet your audience.

Four Different Ways People Process Your Information

How do others process your information during presentations? There are four different physiological pathways that they use.

The long and winding road to Machu Picchu

Life is not a rehearsal, but after many years in the chorus line, Vince Stevenson decided that it was time to break free of the shackles of his life and star in his own show. Find out from Vince why sorry doesn't have to be the hardest word...

Fluent Speech And How To Achieve It

This article is all about how to achieve fluency and looks at the specific speech impediment known as stammering/stuttering. My name is Steve Hill, I suffered with a stutter from the age of four and despite regular conventional speech therapy, continued stuttering until the age of twenty-two.

Confidence Building Secrets Of True Winners

We all need some confidence building from time to time. Part of feeling confident has a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves. Feeling like we can accomplish things we set out to do is important to feeling confident.

9 Tips To Keep Your Audience In Attention

In almost all gatherings (conventions, alumni homecomings, commencement exercises, fund raising or awarding ceremonies), guest speakers are usually invited to highlight the occasion.

Public Speaking - The Key Is In The Body Language. The 8 Stages To A Successful Presentation

Most people have a fear of speaking to a large group. This is a totally normal apprehension. People may visualise the audience laughing at them, or shouting out. This is an extremely rare occurrence, unless you are a politician.

How to Impress Others When You Speak

Your presentation must do more than just inform. It must connect with the audience so that they accept your information. Here's how.

Public Speaking or Gargle with Drano? 4 Ways To Prepare...

Which sounds more appealing, getting up in front of a group of strangers and talking, while they all sit there looking at you like a dog watching a ceiling fan...or gargling with Drano? It's no surprise how many would choose the Drano.

How to be a Public Speaking Star with The Use Of Computers

You can use computers to help you write your speech, as well as to help you research effectively, edit your work, check spelling and grammar and more. Computers can help you avoid wasting time; avoid never ending revising of your speech.

Top 7 Steps to Better Public Speaking

7 steps to help ease your way to better public speaking

Public Speaking: The Power Of Words

Words hurt, heal, motivate, and aggravate. They are powerful. They control emotions and can even control a person physically.

How To Get the Most Out of Your Speaker Investment

In a perfect world, you would have an unlimited budget to hire top speakers for your next meeting or convention. Since it's not, here are some tips on getting the most for your meeting dollar.