Buying Poker Chips: Clay, Custom, And Casino Chip Sets

If you?re in the market for poker chips, it?s a good idea to get the chip which best suits your needs. Poker chips come in varying weights and are made from different types of materials. The intended use should be the primary factor taken into consideration while making your poker chip purchase.

Betrosexuals: A Poker Online Phenomenon

Learn more about Betrosexuals, a phenomenon whereby people present themselves as the opposite gender when playing poker online.

Poker ? Learn The Different Variations Of Poker

Poker is very popular in homes all over America these days, so it is important that you have an overview of the different kinds of poker that are mostly commonly played.

Hold?em Cards Right

Having a strategy in Poker when going into this game is very important if you want to be taken seriously and convince other players you are the bees knees. So here are some of the basic points you need to keep in mind to keep you one step ahead of your fellow players. The best place to start is at some of the online poker rooms so that you can perfect those skills and variables before playing in the real world.

Pre-Flop Holdem

Pre-Flop Holdem is quite a determining strategy in arriving at the odds of winning or losing the table.

10 rules to observe when playing poker online

how a beginer can survive in online poker and make a profit

Online Poker ? Discover Why Paradise Poker Is Considered The Oasis For Poker Players

Paradise Poker ( is exactly what it sounds like. It is an oasis for poker players from all over the world. It is an exciting Online Web site where people can wager on the high stakes of life and meet others who enjoy poker, too. And in fact, it is the third largest poker site Online.

Home Poker Tournaments ? Moving The Blinds

Poker night has made a comeback, and in a big way. People are gathering for friendly games of texas holdem on a regular basis in kitchens and rec rooms everywhere. And while most people are familiar with all of the basic rules of texas holdem, there are bound to be situations that come up in a home game where players are not sure of the proper ruling.

Multi Table Poker Tournament Tips

You want to enter a limit tournament so you have to have in mind the gap concept. This is the most obvious change you will have o consider when revising your strategy for a tournament like this. You will pay mare attentions to actually winning every pot you get into and the pot odds will be somewhat disregarded here. This doesn't mean you will do obvious bad moves and get yourself into things you cannot handle. The blind are large when you get yourself further into the tourna...

Tips For Playing Better Online Poker

At first you will have to play just for fun and with a limited bankroll. You have to know that playing for fun money won?t get you competition. In these poker rooms there is hardly any competition at all.

Online Poker Affiliates Taking Advantage Of Opportunities With Poker Affiliate Programs

There is seemingly no end to the potential opportunities for regular people to earn money on the Internet. With an unlimited potential for clients and a 24-hour environment, anybody can earn a few dollars from Internet trading or work. Whilst there are never any guaranteed programs to follow or success formulas laid out, there are a number of ways in which everybody can profit from the potential of the Internet.

A Guide to Gambling on Online Poker Rooms

So, what is your hobby? Do you like playing cards? Have you yet discovered the amazing world of online poker rooms? In truth, there is nothing more wonderful to card players than online poker. This has become a hobby to many poker players.

Poker Hand Rankings

The following is the ordering of hands, along with a few simple definitions. The strongest hand wins. This ordering is from weakest to strongest.

How To Spot The Bluff When Playing Online Poker

This article is strictly referring to online poker games. It has nothing to do with reading the players. You can read here about some moments in the game when it is likely for others to bluff.

Caribbean Stud Poker Intro

It seems like only yesterday when this fun game started appearing in Casinos in the United States. As you might expect from the name, Caribbean Stud Poker got its illustrious start in the Caribbean.

Free Poker Money Offers Are For Real

Some online poker rooms offer free poker money in form of no deposit poker bonuses to give new players opportunity to try online poker for real cash with no need to deposit their own money. And after poker players meet playthrough requirements they can even cash out their winnings.

Top Tips For New Video Poker Players

Of all the hands dealt only 21% are winning hands. It?s truth of video poker. The rest, which is 79%, are losers. The profitable video poker player knows what he must do with 70% of the hands dealt so that it becomes a winner.

Rocks at the Poker Table

This article will focus on how to spot and defeat any rock at the poker table. First, I will define a ?rock? as a poker player who plays very few starting hands, yet plays aggressive when he/she decides to play a pot. I was recently playing in a NL 5 ? 10 poker game at a local club. After about an hour, I had a pretty decent read on everybody at the table. There was one player who really stood out to me. It was a young guy and he hardly played a hand. He sat there and as this article was create

The History Of Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Holdem is a variety of Poker, a card game which originated in the 19th century. The origins of Poker are still disputed to this day, with a number of conflicting accounts about where it came from, and who first played it; similar games exist back to the Renaissance period. The word ?Poker? actually comes from the German word ?pochen?, which means ?to knock?.

Advantages Of Playing Online Poker

Getting involved in online poker games is a wonderful way of enabling you to play a great card game in the privacy of your own home. There are so many tremendous advantages to playing these poker games via the internet. First of all, it is convenient in that you do not have to drive a long distance or even short distance to a gaming facility as you will most likely only need to walk into the other room where your computer is set up. A second reason why online poker games are ...

Internet Marketing Affiliates: Earn Ongoing Commissions As A Super Poker Affiliate

The Internet is clogged up with get rich quick schemes, some work, some fail spectacularly. For users who are looking to choose a system, a scheme or just to get ideas there so many to choose from. But the problem with all schemes is that there is always a catch, a small problem that makes them high maintenance or risky. One of the biggest failsafe schemes is as simple as adding an advert to a personal website. There are no catches, no expensive start-ups and best of all very...

Texas Hold'em Strategy

If you really want to improve the way you play the game of Texas Hold em it is important that you learn about the game and the various strategies that you can use. By learning about how to play the game properly through the use of the right kinds of Texas hold em strategy then you will not only understand the game better but you will also find it helps to improve the way in which you play it resulting in the chance of you winning more money. However in this particular article...