Stimulating the Body?s Defenses to Fight Ovarian Cancer

OvaRex? MAb is a monoclonal antibody ? a biotech drug ? designed to help the patient?s immune system recognize and more effectively fight ovarian cancer. OvaRex? MAb is given during the ?watchful waiting? period, following successful front-line therapy. It may become recognized as the most significant advance in ovarian cancer treatment since the use of chemotherapy to treat this illness.

Ovarian Cancer, Tea, and An Ounce Of Prevention

Ovarian cancer is an illness that progresses quickly. Discover why one female doctor calls a woman's ovaries her female balls, and her unique view on what they may be saying when they develop cancer. Also, find out what common ingredient reduced a woman's risk of ovarian cancer by 46%

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Was Your Ovarian Cancer Misdiagnosed?

Two Percent of All Female Newborns in the United States Are at Risk of Getting Ovarian Cancer

Abdominal Chemo Increases Ovarian Cancer Survival Rate

A large clinical test shows that giving chemotherapy directly into the stomach, as well as into a vein, can improve survival of women with advanced ovarian cancer by about sixteen months. The results of the study, which pop up in this week's issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, prompted the National Cancer Institute to issue a statement supporting doctors to employ this plan of attack for appropriate patients.

Ovarian Cancer & Hysterectomies - Becoming Informed About Your Options

A hysterectomy is not often a procedure that needs to be performed urgently, except in the case of cancer. Therefore, a woman considering the procedure should take time to investigate all her options, including other possible treatments. There are now new treatments for conditions that previously would have required a hysterectomy. Women advised to have a hysterectomy for a non-cancerous condition before being offered more conservative treatments may find it beneficial to seek a second opinion.

Ovarian Cancer Research

Ovarian Cancer Research