Eureka! A Science Camp For Girls

"Eureka!" That's what many parents say when they find a camp for their daughter that focuses on science.

Fall Foliage Scenic Drive in New Hampshire

Fall foliage scenic drives in New Hampshire are bountiful covering Lake Winnipesaukee, Connecticut River and a bunch of trips throughout the White Mountain region. But the perennial favorite among lin-the-know ocals and visitors alike remains the 34 miles between Lincoln and Conway on Route 112. Read all about the stunning drive here.

Survival Skills

A few survival skills can make your backpacking trips more interesting, and safer. Here are some that are easy to learn.

Taking A Motorcycle On Your Camping Trip

Traveling across the country on a motorcycle can be exhilarating. You have a greater sense of your environment and immediate surroundings on a motorcycle and can have a sense of freedom when riding. It?s a wonderful way to explore the countryside. Camping with your motorcycle, though takes some planning and adjustments from other, more traditional forms of camping.

Beach Camping Parks

Beaches offer joy to every one irrespective of color, creed, or social status. Ever since man learned the art of expressing joy, ocean and beaches have been his theme, whether the medium is a poem, painting, photograph, song or video. The beauty of a sunrise or sun set at the beach is beyond description.

The Australian Outback: The essence of Australia

The Australian Outback is one of the last true frontiers of the modern world. It is a vast land, sometimes harsh and unforgiving, but always endowed with spectacular beauty, enormous variety and fascinating history.

Backpacks for Charity

There are several sites on the web, that describe programs that provide backpacks full of school supplies to needy children, and backpacks full of toiletries and other necessities for wounded military personnel and for victims of disasters.

Party tents

Party tents are extremely versatile shelters for outdoors and backyard events. Weather there is wedding, birthday party, celebration, block party, an outdoors wedding/reception or simply get-together picnic for that party tents are best.

Why the Hiking Staff of a Hiking Park Should Play a Role in Choosing a Hiking Trail

Are you interested in going on a fun filled hiking adventure? If you are, have you already decided which hiking trail that you would like to hike or even just which hiking park you would like to visit? If you have yet to decide on a hiking trial, you may want to start examining all of your options. When examining all of the local hiking trails that you can hike, you may want to think about examining the

Atlantic Ocean at great depths

The Atlantic Ocean is Earth's second-largest ocean. It covers approximately a fifth of the earth's surface. The name Atlantic Ocean came from Greek mythology; it means the "Sea of Atlas".

The Oregon Trail ? Beginning in Arrow Rock, Missouri

The Oregon Trail holds a unique place in the history of the United States. Thousands of pioneers used the trail to populate the middle and western parts of the country in the 19th century.

Going On A Camping Trip?

Camping outdoors can be an exciting adventure. Camping is a great way for family, friends, and loved ones to have a wonderful outdoor experience. Camping can create unforgettable memories: from exploring the woods to telling ghost stories around the campfire. Now before you go camping, you should be well equipped. Bringing along the right materials is a necessary when camping. Here is some advice about what you should bring along a camp trip:

Serengeti Safari - Memories and Miscommunications

On a continent where wildlife photography inspires the best adventures and misadventures inspires the best tales, the Serengeti has no equal!

Gambling With Your Shooting : A Sporting Clays Article by Daniel Schindler

The worst thing about being self-taught is the teacher. It?s not that we men aren?t smart because we are. In this case, it?s kind of like the Driver?s Ed teacher saying, ?Look, we?ll talk about the brake tomorrow, right now just get your coat and I?ll get the keys.?

Tips on Flying the American Flag

Traditionally a symbol of liberty, the American flag has carried the message of freedom to many parts of the world.

How To Choose A Right Backpack?

Undoubtedly, backpack is an essential gear for every outdoor event to carry your world along with you. Experts believe that when it comes to choosing a right backpack a good rule of thumb is, "Buy right and pack light." There is a large variety available in the market ranging from expensive to cheap, lightweight to ultra-lightweight and highly fashionable to real basic. So it may turn out to be a real daunting and challenging task when it comes to choosing a right backpack fo...

The Historic And Natural Wonder Of Cades Cove Tennessee

If you miss Cades Cove Tennessee while traveling in the southeastern part of the United States, you've missed one of the most picturesque locations in North America.

Night Vision Devices -- The Ultimate in BackCountry Toys

Many nights in the backcountry are far from dark. A bright moon and a sky full of stars can throw off enough light to allow for reading a book, but add cloud cover, mountains

The Eastern League

The Champions League is a rich man's club, complain football teams from nine south and east European countries. They are bent on setting up an alternative dubbed the "Eastern League".

Camping Equipment And Sites For a Northwest Vacation

Camping in the Northwest United States can be as diverse as you would like because of the climate and elevation variations. This article discusses camping in the Northwest and provides some suggestions for camping destinations in the Washington, Oregon, and Idaho area.

What Were They Thinking - Adventure in a Colorado Wilderness with Three 12 Year Olds

What were their parents thinking? Dropping three buddies, 12 years of age at the edge of Colorado's West Elk Wilderness Area the boys find adventure camping, fishing and following trails

Fall Foliage Scenic Drive in Massachusetts

Spectacular fall foliage scenic drives are plentiful in Massachusetts from the south shore of Boston down to Cape Cod, and the Quabbin Reservoir area of the central region. But perhaps the most dramatic lay out west in the Berkshires and Mount Greylock region. So sit back and discover it all here.

Going Camping? How To Find A Great Camping Spot

If you want to go on a camping vacation, you will be faced with the decision on where to go. Many experienced campers have their favorite spots but if you want to try something new or are a novice camper, you will need to know how to choose a great camping spot. The first thing you will want to determine is whether or not you will be renting a recreational vehicle or sleeping outside in a tent. There are different grounds available for RV owners and those who are camping in t...

Michigan Outdoors - Hidden Places

In Michigan, outdoors is the place to be. You may already know about the great national parks, but there are also interesting places you have never heard of.

Montana Moonlight Madness - where?s the moon on Flathead Lake?

We wrnt in search of the moon rising over the Mission Mountains as we cruised around Wild Horse Island on Montana's Flathead Lake on a hot summer afternoon in August.

Should You Buy or Rent Your Camping Gear

Are you planning on taking a camping trip in the near future? If this is your first time going camping, you will need to get camping gear to take with you, as you may not already own it. While your first impulse may be to head on down to your local sports store, did you know that you have another option as well?