Nug Carpet

Maintaining The Clean Carpet Look

Tips on keeping your commercial carpets looking new for many years.

Paper Training A Puppy Without Ruining Your Floor, Staining Your Carpet, And Pulling Out Your Hair!

You've just adopted the cutest, tiniest teacup Chihuahua puppy! You've brought him home and got him accustomed to his surroundings.

Best Air Mattress, Your Magic Carpet To Slumberland!

Best air mattress, its like sleeping on cloud nine! Find out how you can select the best air mattress!

Tips In Choosing Area Rugs

A house or office may be very minimalist but what can make it an eye pleaser are the accessories and furnishings, properly used and coordinated with the other furniture in the room. One such furnishing that can be used to achieve an over-all effect is the use of area rugs.

Should You Hire A Professional For Cleaning Your Carpets?

No matter how much care you take of your carpet, there comes a day when it demands a professional carpet cleaning. It is true that keeping your carpet coated with Scotchgard and cleaning spills the moment they occur will keep your carpet cleaner for a long time, but eventually a time will come when your carpet will need to be properly cleaned using steaming and hot water extraction methods.

Reasons To Start A Carpet Cleaning Business

Are you considering opening a carpet and upholstery cleaning business? If so you should read this article for some reasons that you should consider it. It might help you make up your mind so keep reading.

Why you need to buy a rug

A look at the reasons for buying a rug

Carpet Cleaning Tips And Secrets

What really is the best way to clean carpet, and can you do it well by yourself? Try these carpet cleaning tips.

Oriental Rugs - History And Information

Oriental rugs are handcrafted rugs woven in the Middle East and the Orient - mostly regions extending from China in the east, to Turkey in the west and the Caucasus in the north, to India in the south. Authentic oriental rugs are knotted with pile or woven without pile and exclusively handwoven, which makes them unique and more exquisite, precious, and expensive than the other types of rugs. Some of the most popular and best oriental rugs include the Turkish, Caucasian, Turko...

Uruguay Casinos

Uruguay, the second smallest country in South America, allows three forms of legalized gambling: casinos, pari-mutuel, and horse racing. Tourists are the main visitors to the Uruguay casinos, where most of the well-known international games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, punto-bunco, and poker, as well as the ever popular slot machines, are played. Poker is extremely popular, as it is in most South American countries, and a number of different types are played ...

Keep Your Vehicle's Carpets Clean!

Floor mats are an essential accessory for every car. Picking the right set can save you money in the long run; please read on to find out why this is so.

Diversifying Your Carpet Cleaning Business

If you own a carpet cleaning business you know that it is a business with ups and downs. It is definitely a seasonable business. It is on average 6 months of boom, 3 months of average and 3 months of slow times. It does not have to be this way however. Read this article for some tips on diversifying your business.

kruger National Park-Where to Stay and What to Do

You hear about the Kruger National Park from all over the world and you cannot help to wonder what you are missing out on. Now is your opportunity to experience it all.

10 Must-Dos When In Bruges

A timeless spectacle, Bruges is a charming city full of medieval flavour. Its architectural treasures lure the eye, revealing a city of rich history. Serene canals and tight cobbled streets seize your imagination, enticing you to explore more and more.