Musical instruments for your children

Children love to play music instruments and therefore instead of purchasing one you can make it at your home easily.

Legal Music Downloads vs File-Sharing

File-sharing networks are bad news for your PC ! I know because I have been a victim.

Music For Self Improvement

Music is enjoyable, but can it significantly improve your life? Yes, according to the research that has been done so far.

I Grew Up On A Clarinet

For the most part, I loved my childhood. I loved growing up in a house full of brothers and sisters. I always had a playmate and there was never a dull moment. We had great family time and my mother was the most amazing cook. We all had to take lessons of all kinds from the time we were really young. I remember being forced into trying piano and clarinet from around the time I started elementary school. At first I was quite excited about the piano and quite hesitant about lea...

Learn to Play Guitar Online - Discover Guitar Lesson Tools.

To learn how to play guitar online, you need several tools in addition to your guitar. Learn about online guitar lessons, free guitar learning techniques and all-in-one tools designed to teach you how to play guitar fast.

Utilize A Music Search For Your Wedding

A bride-to-be has a full plate when it comes to making decisions and narrowing away options for her special day. If you are about to be married, then you know all about the potential stresses of wedding planning. Who knew it would be so hard, right? With so many details to organize and so many elements of your wedding day to make special, it is hard to keep track of everything that is important. One element of great weddings that is often overlooked is the music. A ceremony a...

Robert Leroy Johnson..The King of the Delta Blues Lives on!

A Twenty Seven Year old Robert Johnson recorded 36 of the most influential songs in The Idiom of The Blues. The year was 1936 and Today nearly Seventy years later his Music and Mastery lives on, to thrill and chill the hearts and minds of millions of followers of The Blues. If you are not aware of his music and lyrics pay him a visit and meet one of the Music Giants of the 20th Century.

Legally Downloading MP3 Music ? You Just Gotta Know!

The world of mp3 music is now an extended orchard, ripe and ready for the picking. Thanks to all the advancement of technology we can now explore all the interesting music genres right in our own homes.

Are you going to buy an MP3 player?

When you are investing a good sum for getting a Mp3 player, you should always test and review before making the purchase.

Guitar Chords: How To Solo Over Chords With The Minor Pentatonic Scale

Soloing over guitar chords is easy when you know how to use the minor pentatonic scale. Add spice and power to your guitar solo's with these simple but highly effective techniques now, sooner than later!

Music Lovers Rejoice

The music lovers can enjoy digital music in iTunes, which is developed by Apple Computer. Actually, iTunes is a digital media player, which is used to play digital music and video files.

Pharrell's Neptunes beggining to a hit solo career

In 2003, Pharrell released his first solo single, Frontin, which featured Jay-Z. The single was a big summer hit and would keep the ball rolling for Pharrell.

A Study In Banjo Lessons

Ah, I remember the good old days when I had my first banjo lesson. Actually, it wasn?t exactly my first lesson. I had been using the internet to improve my ?skill? for a while, and I was slightly conceited since I thought I had some idea about what I was doing. I watched videos of a real expert playing the banjo while the tabs were available as well. I learned a few songs and techniques that sounded interesting, but that was about the extent of my knowledge.

Four Tips to Start A Valuable Music Box Collection, Part I

Collecting music boxes such as carousel music boxes, music trinket boxes, children's jewelry boxes, and many other mechanical instruments and movements is a hobby loved by many a music box and antique collector. However, there are certain things music boxes and antique collectors can do to ensure they are getting a valuable piece for their collection. Here are a few tips to help in this process.

Choosing The Right Musical Instrument For You

If music is your middle name, then musical instruments are sure to adorn your room. Music is an excellent way to get rid of the blues. And if you are the creative type, then you can compose your own songs with musical instruments.

Singers Who Sing & Talent Agents Who Book

In the world of the music business, there are truly singers who sing and singers who don?t, along with talent booking agents who book and those that couldn?t sell cotton candy at the circus. Is it drive, talent or a mystical combination of ?factors? that create singers and talent booking agents, or is it yet the pure unexplainable? Let?s look at some factors in this article as singers, looking to further their careers, try to find suitable representation.

An interview with drummer Mykill(mike) aresco of Dead skin mask, pawns of christ and formerly of Lost Soul

An impressive interview with an impressive drumme mike aresco.

How to Fix a Broken iPod

Have you had these problems going on with your iPod? Then this method just might make your iPod start working again!

How do I record and create MP3s from home?

There used to be no substitution for a good recording job done in a professional recording studio. Now with the rising popularity of digital PC recording and the low cost of recording software, many people are re-thinking the idea of home recording.

Symphony Orchestra

Many people don?t know much about orchestra, the instruments used for it and its various aspects.

New Mp3 players ? Isn?t it cool

When you go to buy an MP3 player or an ipod you should ideally look around for its features and accessories too.

How To Read Guitar Music

It is never too late or too early to learn how to read guitar music. Many guitarist start off by teaching themselves guitar music after studying a piece of music on the radio or on a CD. This is a great starting point and will allow you to understand different notes and cords.

The Northern Soul Music From England

Northern Soul originated in 1960?s from northern England. They are the fanciest music and dance styles during that period. The Northern Soul got its name from the creative mind of a journalist named Dave Godin in one of his column in the magazine called Blues and Soul. The big part of Northern Souls original supporter arises from the mod movement. It is created out of their deep passion and appreciation of soul music. Time made quite a few changes when several mods accept the...

How To Buy Your Favorite Music Online Legally For Just Pennies

As you no doubt have heard, the music industry has undergone major changes during the past decade. Nowhere has the progress of technology brought more change than to the recording business.

Guitar Lessons ? Playing Harmonics

A harmonic is a tone that?s created by the guitar by touching the string above a fret on an open vibrating string. There are 2 types of harmonics Natural and Artificial or I prefer to call them pinch harmonics.