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Early Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis: Difficult But Important

How does one make a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis early in its course when treatment can best prevent damage to the brain and spinal cord? The succinct answer is: "With difficulty."

Binge eating | Binge eating disorder | Compulsive exercising

The term bulimia means excessive or abnormal desire for food which is better described as ox-hunger. Bulimia Nervosa disorder has the character of repeating occurrence of binge eating which develops the person with lack of sense. For more about binge eating, binge eating disorder, compulsive exercising, visit:

Multiple Sclerosis- what is it?

Multiple sclerosis, also known as MS, affects approximately 1 out 1,000 people. Did you also know that women are affected more than men are? For more information about this disease, visit the link below.

Life After Multiple Sclerosis ~ An MS Patient Goes Public!

MS (Multiple Sclerosis) is a dread disease diagnosis decree whereby victims are given a SLOW DEATH sentence. The jury, made up of medical doctors or a panel of specialists, examines the body of evidence. It's your body, with its tingling hands, impaired mobility, pain, and abnormal responses to their expensive tests. Once they hand down the verdict, you are told "There is no escape." Just as there is no known cause, millions of once healthy men and women are expected to accept the fact that there is no known cure. To me, it was the equivalent of having a somber judge say, "May God have mercy on your soul!"

Perminant Progressive MS (Multiple Sclerosis) One Victim's Dated Report

When I went from a cane to a four wheel walker ~with a seat ~ people's stress levels dropped dramaticly. I fell down a lot less too. My handicapped, motorized scooter had long since been dispensed with when I had left real estate and had decided I wouldn?t need it. Now, I have another. Now, I have a hard time getting out of the wheelchair onto it. So, is this what is meant by "Progressive?"

The Signs Of Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is an inflammatory disease of the Central Nervous System which consist of the brain and spinal cord. It is also called the disease of the ?white matter? tissue. White matter consists of nerve fibers which are responsible for transmitting communication signals both internally within the CNS and between the CNS and the nerves supplying the rest of the body. Multiple Sclerosis can be very slow in destroying your CNS, which is why it makes it hard to characteri...

The Image of MS

What does multiple sclerosis (MS) look like? The answer is not simple.

I am Multiple Sclerosis

Hi, my name is Multiple Sclerosis. You know me as a chronic disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. I don't really like that name or title so lets stick with MS for short.