Marriage: a Difficult Business for Woman?

As you may see, nowadays it is easier for a man to find an appropriate wife than for a woman to find a good husband.

Extramarital Affairs: What Everyone Needs to Know... and what you can do to help

Studies suggest that up to 80% of marriages will at one point have a spouse involved in an extramarital affair. Discover what can be done to help alleviate the pain of this profoundly powerful relationship crisis.

Honeymoon Help

Today, many couples are already living together prior to getting married. For some, it may be a second marriage. As a result, the need for the usual household items as wedding gifts often does not exist.

Proposing On Valentine's Day - How To Make Sure She Says Yes

Here are some helpful ideas about how to have a Valentines Day you will remember for the rest of your lives together.

Pre-Nuptial Agreement When Getting Married

Have you ever heard the word called ?pre-nuptial agreement?; where people think about the divorce when they are getting married? Many people may dislike this agreement, but it is still a fact.

Lighting for wedding photography

Lighting is an important ingredient for wedding photography. Unlike most other areas of professional photography, weddings require all types of lighting, all on the same day, such as window light, outdoor lighting, bounce lighting, and multiple electronic lighting.

Buying an Engagement Ring

So you think you want to take your relationship to the next level? Are

Marriage - Caring For Each Other

If you thought that a marriage could succeed on love alone, please rethink. Love is transitory. The mutual attraction or the infatuation that comes in the initial phase of love disappears soon.

Effective Ways To Save Marriage Starting Now!

They say that marriage is the most important decision you have to make in your whole life. Although this has been a reminder from the elders, some people do not look at it that way especially the young. Sometimes, what turns out to be the smartest decision becomes the opposite.

Understanding Your Russian Women

Russian women, Russian woman, marriage agencies. Forget everything you learned from the dating site or marriage agency you signed up for. Know a little about her history.

Glad To Be Married

I am glad to be married. I have been married for almost 8 years and together with my wife for a total of 12 years. As you can see it has been a long time since I have been on a date and I couldn?t be more thankful. I found dating to be difficult back when I was doing it, now there are so many more dimensions to dating, it must be even more of a challenge.

Help! My Husband's Buddies Are Butting Into My Marriage

Ask the Marriage Maven: Help! My Husband's Buddies are Butting into My Marriage

Marriage Proposals ? Will You Ah, Um? Marry Me?

So you met the love of you life and would like to make your marriage proposal. This is an exciting moment in your life. Have you thought up a few marriage proposals? OK, so you have made up a hundred marriage proposals and haven?t mind up you mind.

Non-Denominational Or Mixed Religion Weddings, How To Make It Happen...

Couples of mixed religions or who come from families that do not have a strong religious background may choose to have either a non-denominational wedding or a wedding that blends two separate religions. This can be tricky however because many religions may not honor or recognize a wedding unless it is performed according to their own unique guidelines. For this reason it is very important to check with potential officiants and church leaders to ensure that your wedding plans...

Victory Dance Your Way to Success

How often have you reached a goal or passed a milestone without experiencing a single moment of enjoyment or satisfaction? Did you feel let down because reaching your goal wasn't as hard as you expected it to be?

Infidelity Excuse: I Fell Out of Love...and just love being in love

Discover the eight key points to consider when a betraying partner says, "I fell out of love with you."

11 Tips For The Matrimonially-Challenged

Ahhh, jumping the broom. It?s not for everyone, but it's manageable if you have the right information. I was completely caught off guard by some of the situations I?ve encountered in nearly eleven years of holy matrimony and if you?re not prepared, you?ll be running full speed ahead back to the single life. Fortunately, my husband and I loved each other enough to pull our family together and live happily ever after.

How To Find Honeymoon Phuket Island Thailand

How To Find Honeymoon Phuket Island Thailand - Guaranteed! Quickly and Easily!

5 Tips for Solving Marital Money Issues

Most marriages have their financial ups and downs. It can truly be a test to your relationship with your partner in dealing with the downs in particular. Here are some tips to help you deal with these situations in the quickest and calmest way possible.

Prenuptial Agreements: Should They Be A Prerequisite To Marriage?

While not exactly the glamorous side of a marriage proposal, the idea of a prenuptial, or ante nuptial, agreement is something that most people about to be married should discuss. In case a marriage doesn't work or one spouse dies before you have a chance to do a comprehensive estate plan, a prenuptial agreement can safeguard assets, protect one party from the other's debts, and make any possible divorce proceedings go more smoothly without unnecessary rancor. Since more coup...

Seven Marriage Spice Ups

Ask the Marriage Maven: Seven Marriage Spice Ups

Need To Honeymoon Destination Thailand

Need To Honeymoon Destination Thailand - Guaranteed! Quickly and Easily!

Save Your Marriage - Communicate!

When people are told that they need to communicate more they often think that that is an open invitation to talk but there is a complete difference between talking and communicating.

Rescue Remedy For Financial Problems In A Marriage

With personal / family debt levels continually rising the pressure on marriages in continually increasing with nearly half of married couples arguing over financial issues, which makes financial problems in a marriage one of the main common marriage problems.

International Marriages

People marry people from other countries for many different reasons. For myself, being a true romantic, I would like to believe that the most important reason of all is love.

The Key To The Perfect Bachelorette Party!!!

Planning a Great Celebration for the Bride-to-Be