Top Mistakes with Equipment Leasing

When negotiating on equipment leasing contracts, small business and corporate accounts should review all the legal terms in order to avoid the top mistakes associated with leasing equipment. These rules are applicable in multiple areas of equipment leasing from educational, computer and engineering equipment leases.

Choosing the Best Type of Lease for Your Business

When it comes to leasing equipment, understanding what it can do for your business is only part of the equation. Understanding and choosing the best lease for your business is another matter altogether.

Internet Based Lease Accounting Software: Creating Operational Effeciency While Crunching Numbers

The leasing industry is yet to significantly harness the powers of the Internet. Despite the hype, the web enabling of the leasing process has been sporadic at best. While the industry has already taken to the Internet's obvious convenience for credit scoring and front-end application processing, a larger and perhaps a more significant impact on productivity has yet to be realized. The advent of the lease life-cycle management model can realize this untapped potential for productivity and...

Future of Equipment Leasing

The future of equipment leasing is firmly hand in hand with business development, small, large and everything in between. Equipment leasing is synonymous with possibilities and what business does not benefit from possibilities?

Accounts Payable Outsourcing: things you need to check out

Clearing all outstanding dues and accounts is very important for the success of a business. If you find handling accounts payable a difficult task, go for accounts payable outsourcing. This is a guaranteed means to give you peace of mind.

Workflow automation in the leasing industry creates efficiencies

Lease management software provider Odessa Technologies contends that automated workflow processing accelerates lease processing times, effectively manages related processes, and optimizes workforce efficiencies in any decision making environment. Any workflow process, whether it be for the decision on lease applications or vendor payments (check requests), can be accommodated by an automated workflow system that is built with adequate versatility. In fact...

Everything You Need To Know About Construction Equipment Leasing...And How To Get It!

With construction equipment leasing you don't have to worry about the overhead, you can keep your cash accessible. There is no construction project that is too big or too small for leasing plus, payments you make are tax deductable.

Lease Option Technique

Why do people sell properties using lease options? There is a reason that some of the most successful real estate investors use the lease option technique.

Leasing Is Often Better Than Buying

Leasing refers to an owner, or lessor, selling use of his property (equipment, automobile, home, or business) to a lessee. For many individuals, leasing is a good alternative to buying because leasing requires less equity and, therefore, more people have the qualifications to lease than to buy. For example, a $1 million piece of property may be too expensive for a business to purchase, so they lease it for $5,000 per month, which they are able to do with the profits they make...

Leasing Equipment Versus Buying

Short on cash, but need equipment? Consider leasing what you need. Leasing equipment may be a better alternative to buying, depending on your situation and needs.

Benefits of Leasing Equipment

Leasing equipment provides the lessee with all the following benefits of utilizing the equipment without having to pay the up-front costs or assuming the risk of ownership. A lease is one of the best ways for businesses to stay on top of the development curve. With so many new developments that occur (particularly in the technology areas) equipment leasing is less financially expensive.

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Car Leasing Basics

Over the past few years, the popularity of car leasing has soared. When you compare leasing with buying a car and suffering the humongous monthly installment fees, leasing provides a better and more viable financial option.

Ready to Sign that Lease Agreement?

Explore the advantages of signing a lease agreement.

Leasing software and fleet management converge to create synergies

After extensive research, Fleet management consultants Odessa Technologies, Inc. recently identified key trends shaping the fleet management industry. Among these key trends, in addition to real-time exchange of information, users can expect to see greater functionality derived from (1) the integration of leasing software and fleet management systems and (2) web-based fleet/leasing software. With the advent of Internet-based fleet management software, fleet management companies can now...

An Overview of Asset Finance and its Various Types

Asset finance is one of the easiest ways to buy assets that can make a lot of difference to the productivity of a business. For a business to run and grow successfully, asset finance extends a helping hand in a time of crisis. To get a clear picture of asset finance, keep on reading??..

With A Lease, The Devil Is In The Details

In the last article we looked at a few of the things you should consider before leasing that first office or storefront for your business. To recap, you should not only consider the old standard "location, location, location," but also consider things like sufficient parking, the number of employees who will be working onsite, and future growth projections. I stressed that it was important not to get caught up in the moment. You should take your time to find the space best su...

The War on Marijuana and the War Against Online Gambling

There have been many mistakes made in the war on Marijuana and the government is making the same mistakes with the war against online gambling.

The issue of car finance

Buying a car is not as simple as saying: ?I am going to get a loan and then get a car.? You also have to think where to get the loan from and what options you have. Car finance can be obtained from banks, dealerships, credit unions and auto manufacturers, but there are differences between their solutions. Which one is the best for you?