Learn a Foreign Language Online

Knowing more than one language in today?s world is not so unusual. With cultural barriers coming down, and many people living in and visiting non-native countries, it makes sense to have at least a basic knowledge of one or more languages other than your native tongue.

Learning Spanish - Part 9 - Learning Spanish Through Cultural Immersion

This article explains some of the benefits of learning Spanish through cultural immersion. I talk about some of my early attempts at communicating with native Spanish speaking people in Mexico. I explain the types of conversations that I used to have and how they helped me in my quest to learn Spanish and my desire to improve and better myself.

Learn Spanish Quickly - Incredible Ideas Of Fast Learning

Everybody needs to learn Spanish Today! It has already surpassed English as the second most common language in the world. There are almost a half-billion Spanish speaking people around the world. Don't get left behind, get started on learning Spanish today!

Fundamental Principles Of Language Part II

You will readily perceive the correctness of our first proposition, that

Practice Vocabulary

You are in a store, and you want to play the video game there . You need coins to operate the game, but you only have a ten dollar bill. You desire to ask the owner of the establishment for assistance.

Translation: Cooperate With Translators -- It Pays

When a business goes global, there is a risk of being not properly understood in other languages, or, even worse, misunderstood. That is why, when you are going to expand your business, all your success can depend on a single person -- the one who translates your website, documentation, ads and so on.

Researchers Find Movies Key To Learning a New Language

Mastering a second language just got easier. Specialized movies have blended entertainment and reading to create an enjoyable, yet effective way to learn.

A guide to learning Spanish - Part 1 - Anybody can learn the Spanish language

A series of articles that explore the way we learn new langauges. Nick explains how he became a fluent speaker and competant user of the Spanish language.

Learning Styles And Their Effect On Language Learning

Note: This article makes special reference to the effect of learning syles in the learning of Spanish but the principles are valid for all language learning.

Spanish Dialects

A dialect is defined in linguistic terms as a language variety which is spoken in a specific territory. In the Spanish peninsula, for example, there are different dialects of Spanish. One should not, however, mix up the different dialects in Spain with the different languages spoken in the Peninsula: Spanish, Catalan, Basque and Galician.

How To Learn Spanish Easily

With the popularity of the Internet has come the opportunity to partake in a plethora of new services. Who would have imagined that you could, for example, learn the fundamentals of the Spanish language from an online course? All you need is an Internet connection and the desire to learn.

Learn English

Uncover the strategies of how I learn English online, during my spare time and begin to grow in confidence when I meet with people who speak English.

Ways To Speed Up Learning Of A Second Language

Learning a second language is never easy for the simple reason that it is exactly that ? a second language. Ninety-nine percent of the time and, of course, barring the existence of congenital speech defects, the difficulty of learning a new language is brought on by the learner?s adherence to the co

Why Learn Spanish?

Why learn Spanish of all languages? Why not Italian, French, or even Russian, because it seems to be the most practical language to have these days living in the US.

Learning the Russian Language

The Russian language is the most commonly spoken language in Europe. It is a Slavic language whose roots can be traced to Sanskrit, Greek, and Latin. Though not as internationally prominent as its days as the official language of the former Soviet Union, it is still the official language of such countries as Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

Middle School Teacher Finds Key to Making Reading Fun

Most teachers have found that getting their students interested in reading is no easy task. But one teacher in Queens Village, N.Y., has found an innovative way to keep students in her sixth-grade class focused and entertained while improving their reading skills.

Fundamental Principles Of Language Part III

The occasion of all their difficulty originated in an attempt to nvestigate the faculties of the mind without any means of getting at it. They did not content themselves with an adoption of the principles which lay at the foundation of all true philosophy, viz., that the facts to be accounted for, do exist; that truth is eternal, and we are to become acquainted with it by the means employed for its development.

Your Children Know More Latin Than You

The beautiful language of Latin has been undergoing an incredible revival of interest lately. Why has this formerly moldy language acquired a new luster?

Foreign Language - Tips To Improve Your Foreign Language Skills

Learning an additional language is beneficial in many ways. You can easily communicate in other language and express your thoughts, ideas and opinions in a different language.

Learning the Arabic Language

The Arabic language is an ancient tongue that dates back to earlier than the 6th century. It is a language steeped in history, and shrouded in mystery. Today, the Arabic language is the 5th most spoken language on the planet, and it is the official language in many Middle Eastern countries, such as Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia.

Learn Spanish To Boost Your Career And Surprise Your Girlfriend

Do you have a Latin girlfriend or boyfriend? Then you know what it feels like when they unleash their words of passion in Spanish during your private moments. Would you like to give it back at them?

Cockney Rhyming Slang

It?s doubtful that a Cockney will ever be honored as England?s poet laureate, but when it comes to pop-talk, there?s no doubting that they?ve got a special way with words.

Learning Spanish - Part 13 - The ?Homestay? Experience - Living with a Local Family

In this article I talk about the benefits of living with a local Spanish speaking family at the same time as you take Spanish lessons. Many Spanish schools throughout the Latin American world (and in Spain), provide cultural immersion programs that give you the opportunity to live and mix with a local family. This type of cultural immersion is probably one of the best you will find.

Creative Use of your Computer Can Make Language Learning Easier

Your computer can be used as a creative tool in your quest to learn a foreign language. Some innovative ideas can turn your language education into an entertaining, truly memorable experience.

Learning The Russian Language Today

The Russian language is the most commonly spoken language in Europe. It is a Slavic language whose roots can be traced to Sanskrit, Greek, and Latin. Though not as internationally prominent as its days as the official language of the former Soviet Union, it is still the official language of such countries as Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Russian is a language of dignity, but can seem intimidating to learn. If you have considered learning a second language, the Russian lang...

Learning Spanish - Mental Preparation (A Guide to Learning Spanish)

This second article offers some advice to those thinking of learning Spanish. It makes the point that the entire learning process could take a long time and that it would be wise to fully prepare for this before beginning.