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Moissanite An Amazing Gift from the Stars!

Moissanite! As sparkling as a diamond but more brilliant and harder than diamond, moissanite is available at a fraction of the cost and has become one of the more popular choices for jewelry lovers? the world over. If you like high quality jewelry and enjoy the beauty and brilliance of diamonds but can?t seem to afford it, then moissanite jewelry is your best and most affordable choice.

Lab-Created Diamonds ? Simulated Diamonds And Manufactured Diamonds Review

Consumer confusion about lab-created simulated diamonds exists. Here you will find clarification to simplify the selection process when choosing a lab-created diamond or manufactured diamond jewelry.

Jewelry For That Special Day

Every girl dreams of that day when she would one day be marching down the aisle to pledge her unconditional love to the man of her dreams. When you are planning to tie the knot, you want everything to be planned accordingly from the reception to the wedding favors, the bridal gown and even the bridal jewelry. As much as possible we exert every effort to make this very special day perfect and memorable.

Estate Jewelry is Ready For Teen Fashions

If you?ve ever gone shopping with a teenage girl you know that teenagers can be a very picky bunch! Their physical and mental growth has them experimenting with all kinds of fashion items to improve their image and their look. Teenage girls have a fashion statement to make too! And estate jewelry is ready for teen fashions!

All About Jewelry

Who does not like looking good? Jewelry has always been a part of woman?s attire and to have a diamond and a bright piece of Jewelry has really caught up and looks dazzling on those pretty faces. Jewelry adds to the classiness and poise of women. Jewelry is not only a lady?s best friend but is also an ideal investment forum, making people over vigilant while putting their money into these unblemished pieces of metal.

Tanzanite History And Information, What You Need To Know!

Though tanzanite is highly desired by many consumers, it has a complex history to follow. Through periods of erratic pricing fluctuations and political turmoil and influence, it remains a highly sought-after gem within the retail jewelry trade.

Mens Moissanite Wedding Rings, or Is Moissanite a Mans Best Friend?

What is moissanite and can men get moissanite rings?

Jewelry Store Software Will Help Small Jewelers Compete With The ?Big Guys?

Jewelry store software isn?t just something used exclusively in chain stores. In fact, anyone dealing in fine jewelry and gems should have a jewelry store software program to help them run their business. However, many small and private establishments forgo looking into computer software with dire consequences. While they might have a computer and a database of some sort, they fail to look into jewelry store software for fear the cost would be too great or the programming too...

What Do Wedding Rings Speak About?

Wedding rings are more than what they may look like, a precious combination of metals and stones, as this article speaks citing historical facts.

Replica Watches Perfect Clone

New product added: Bags and Wallets, new watches.

Ruby Jewelry - It's precious

Ruby doesn?t need any introduction ? it is one of the most precious stones, which can shine brilliantly in a necklace and at the same time glow with a subtlety in a ring. Ruby and red go together and it can ignite a thousand desires that will light your candle of passion without your having to say a word. That?s the magic of a ruby

Diamond Watches

The diamond watch is becoming more and more popular. They have become less expensive. It is also easier for consumers to find diamond watches.

When Selecting Jewelry

Frankly speaking, choosing jewelry needs careful time and consideration to think upon since you will be investing here a certain sum of money especially for the very precious and expensive ones. Whether you are buying one for yourself or are buying it for someone else as a present, it is essential that you search high and low until you think you have found the perfect piece. Do not just buy any jewelry item that comes along in order that you may be happy with your purchase ...

Where Diamonds are Mined

The Argye mine located in the Kimberley region

Jewelry meaning in the Jewish tradition

The Hamesh hand or Hamsa hand is a popular motif in Jewish jewelry. Arab cultures often refer to it as the Hand of Fatima, which represents the Hand of G-d.

Synthetic Diamonds ? Chagrinned When Jewelers Scoff At Fabulous Fake Diamonds

New synthetic diamonds are so close to mined diamonds that the naked eye cannot tell the difference, often saving consumers enough money to make a down-payment on a new home or buy a car. Unfounded diamond jeweler pretentiousness, snootiness, and arrogance has gone too far!

The Glitter Bitter JEWELRY

How Jewelry helps people know what kind of person you are. Don't give the wrong impression. Wrong image Wrong you

Where To Find Cheap Diamond Rings

The Beatles once sang that ?money can?t buy me love?. And while the boys may have been right in that regard, the almighty dollar can certainly buy most anything else. Diamond rings are just one of the many luxuries that can be afforded by people with money to burn, and many times these rings can cost thousands of dollars. But what if you are just a hard working average Joe who would like to show his sweetheart that she is appreciated? Not all of us have swelling bank accounts...

Choosing Amongst Men?s Armani Watches

What kind of men?s Armani watches should you buy? There is an Armani watch to suit every taste.

Gucci replica ? Short history of the brand

The site displays a brief history of the Gucci replica watches and brand. Learn why the Gucci watch is a "must have" and why not many can afford it.

Cat Jewelry: Freeing the Inner Feline

"Cats are possessed of a shy, retiring nature, cajoling, haughty, and capricious, difficult to fathom. They reveal themselves only to certain favored individuals, and are repelled by the faintest suggestion of insult or even by the most trifling deception." - Pierre Loti

The Beauty of Estate Jewlery Stands the Test of Time

For centuries, jewelry has been the signature of great power and wealth. King Tut wore lavish crown jewels, necklaces and rings. Marie Antoinette sewed jewels into the bodices of her garments.

Gemstone Earring: One Small Way to Express Your Individuality

Some people have specific color preferences while some people also like only specific stones, and are energized by being around them. Gemstone earrings exist so that people may be able to select their jewelry based on their own preferences, and customize their accessories according to their desires.