The Process of Due Diligence

A business which wants to attract foreign investments must present a business plan. But a business plan is the equivalent of a visit card. The introduction is very important - but, once the foreign investor has expressed interest, a second, more serious, more onerous and more tedious process commences: Due Diligence.

Process and Outcome in Investing

In too many cases, investors dwell solely on outcomes without appropriate consideration of process. The focus on results is to some degree understandable. Results -- the bottom line -- are what ultimately matter. And results are typically easier to assess and more objective than evaluating processes.

Real Estate Investing: Short Sales Explained

This article contains an exert from an interview I conducted with a real estate short sale expert. You will learn the basics of what a short sale is and also why banks are foced to accept short sales.

Money Making Strategy: 3 Ways To Profit From Online Investing

Nowadays there many products available on the Internet which claim to help you make more money. However, not all of them are working, to say the least. So if in 2007 you want to follow a money making strategy and profit from your online investments you should take a look at our pieces of advice first.

Online Income Strategy : What kind of Opportunity should you choose ?

The article wants to show what to do to be successful online.Whether as an active promoter or just as a passive incomer seeker there are lots of opportunities to check, to try or better zu forget. It is pretty hard to find the best way to success, but this article should help you on your way.

Investing In Gold Bullion

For thousands of years Gold has been used as currency and been a highly prized precious metal.Gold has always been a favoured investment to hedge your portfolio against inflation. Gold prices in the international gold market can remain fairly stable through times of instability, recession and currency fluctuations.

Stock Investing Tip

This is the best Stock Investing Tip you will ever receive.

Speculators and Speculation

Speculators get a bad rap because the role of speculation in the economy isn't understood. Maybe we need more speculation, not less.

Online Trading Is Quick And Easy But Online Investing Takes Time.

It seems like it should be so easy to make money online trading stocks, commodities, currencies, and anything your heart desires. It seems as though anyone with a computer with internet access should be able to be a complete online trading guru within just a few short months. Imagine the state of the economy if everyone who can operate their email account could also earn a full time income with just a few mouse clicks and an open heart.

Real Estate Investing - Some Tips On Investing In Apartment Buildings

This article offers tips on investing in apartment buildings.

Philippine Apart-Hotels Set to Outstrip Treditional Buy-to-Let Market

Apart-hotels are becoming a significant trend in property investments in the Philippines according to PLC International Marketing Networks, key experts in this ever growing market place.

Farmland near Slough: Investors Paradise

The prices of Farmlands near slough continues to rise.

Developing a Successful Trading Strategy

Mr. Markus Heitkoetter, the trading expert, talks about the factors that affect your profit in day trading and how to guide them to your advantage.

Real Estate Investing: Find Out How To Succeed In The Online Real Estate Market

How you can achieve success in online real estate investing.

Investing In Gold Bullion Is Easy Now

Right now you're probably thinking that gold bullion investing is something best left to the pros. Yes, the majority of traders making noise are professional investors. But there are some easy ways to get into the bullion market, and gold could be a good investment for you.

New Mexico: Who Are The Serious Players?

Uranium prices continue to soar, and now uranium mining is making a comeback in the state of New Mexico. There may be four serious players hoping to develop their properties in this state. Who are they?

Positive Net Cash

Every investor's goal is to find undervalued investment and then sell it when it reaches fair value. To find the fair value of a common stock, we need to predict the profits generated by the stock over a period of time. This prediction may not be accurate.

3 Reasons To Invest In Dubai Investment Property

Dubai one of the states in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) seeks today to move away from its traditional oil dependence to a more balanced one based on tourism and services. As a result, its economy has grown with more and more tourism resorts coming up to meet this aim. This article will list three reasons why you should invest in the Dubai today.

Investing in Sacramento

Real Estate

Profitable Investing Goals - The Number One Tip for Making Profitable Investments

Investing willy-nilly is all very well, but how do you make sure your investments make you a millionaire in time for retirement?

Investing in a Rental Property

Real estate as an investment alternative.

Stock Investing ? Bank Of America, Morgan Stanley, Ubs, And Bear Stearns Swept Up In Latest Insider Trading Scandal

In the biggest Insider Trader scandal in two decades, members of four prominent firms were implicated in the developing scandal. The firms included Bank of America (BAC.N), Morgan Stanley (MS.N), UBS (UBS.N), and Bear Stearns (BSC.N). To begin with, a little history is in order. Insider trading in this country is illegal; this is not the case in certain other countries. In some countries principally England, such trading is legal. Prior to the inauguration of Franklin Delano ...

Is A Log Cabin Construction A Good Investment?

Very few people invest in log cabins as their primary home. Log cabins are usually bought as an investment in a holiday home which is available for the family for a getaway.

Better Trades Inc

BetterTrades? is the solution to your trading problems. If you have any questions about trading or any doubt that you have the knowledge necessary to compete in today's trading world, BetterTrades? is the place to turn for helpful classes and useful advice as well as articles and workshops that will allow you to improve your trading strategies and techniques.

Investing In Real Estate: The ABCs Of Property Investment

Investing in real estate is a highly lucrative venture that has helped scads of people to rake in loads of money. Though the profession may seem delectably easy, it?s certainly not for everyone. Real estate business also fosters several unscrupulous swindlers who make their living by duping newbie investors. Therefore, fresh entrants into the field of real estate must learn how to discern a genuine opportunity from a fake one.

Investment Formulas - What Purpose Do They Serve?

What exactly does a formula do? A complete detailed explanation can be as vast and complex as each individual investor and is beyond the scope of this article but a brief summary of a formula's usefulness would include the two primary functions it fulfills.