Life with Katie: My child with Cerebral Palsy

I am guessing if you are reading this article you either have child with Cerebral Palsy or know someone who has this condition. If you do not know what Cerebral Palsy is, I will tell you in layman?s terms. It means brain damage. The damage can be either so minor that it is hardly noticeable or it can be severe mental and physical damage. My daughter was born with Cerebral Palsy because while in the womb, her intestine twisted causing my wife and her to be under stress.

Spiritual Poems - Why Read Them?

Spiritual poems are poems that point at the essence of things, and our relation to them. They use words as tools of discovery rather than tools of definition.

Screensavers - Now Get Energized With Inspirational Text

Till now, screensavers have been a tool to enjoy watching scenes. A good screensaver was supposed to have great photographs or animations and good to look at.

The solution WITHIN

It's quite amazing how many people go through their lives with very little thought as to where they are heading with it.

I Can't Find My Homework, Mom! "Ask My Dear, and It Shall be Given to You!"

Do you believe in asking God, or whatever higher power you choose to believe in, for the answers you need, when you need them? Read below for an enlightening story about my 11 year old daughter's missing homework papers.

What is Important in Life?

No matter how much wealth we manage to accumulate in this world, it is virtually useless without good health. This is tied closely to the knowledge of our own mortality. Deep down, we all know that we only have a handful of decades on Earth and then it's over.

Activate The Energy Of The Universe For You

There is no such thing like people with a lot of energy and other ones without energy. The difference is that energetic people know how to activate this always available energy. And the low energy people, they block this energy, which is although always available for them too!

When thoughts become things.

The proper fruit of knowledge is action. It is true that gaining knowledge can make us feel more capable but knowledge in itself will not produce the results we really desire. One of the biggest myths that is prevalent in the information age is the notion that knowledge is power. Knowledge is not power. It is only potential power. What you do with what you know is where the real power is.

The Inspiration of Business

Read about one woman's journey to healing and her inspiration to begin her own business. Her desire to design, her determination to succeed and the struggles she overcame will inspire and encourage you.

Appreciate Yourself And What You Have

A better life has been achieved when we are no longer trying to achieve a better life.

Inspirational -The Lessons Of April Fools Day

Who does not know about The First of April? We try to make fools of others on this day to have a hearty laugh.

Lessons We Can Learn From Jonah and the Whale

One day when my son related the story of Jonah to Fred the green rabbit I was struck by how close to home the story strikes--for Noah, for me, for all of us.

Inspired For Women

Women are unique and powerful beings in this world when wielding the truth of the heart wisdom that lives deep within. This article is a testament and tribute honoring women and calls forth more of the brilliance they have to offer the world.

5 Great Ways To Start A Super Conversation In A Group Situation

Five practical tips for starting a great conversation in a group situation.

Don?t Focus on Failure

Here is some motivation for people who just feel like giving up.

Four Enduring Truths

There are enduring truths about ourselves that we sometimes forget. Here is reminder of some of them, and what they might mean to you.

Flowers As A Metaphor For Life

The special language and meaning of flowers

Creating Fear for Inspiration

If you have read or have been involved in personal development, whether it is goal-setting, time management, motivation, weight loss, or the many other categories and have not taken hold of what you desired, chances are that you're lacking an inner drive towards that elusive goal.

How Do You Deal With Adversity

Human life is fraught with adversity -- both physical and emotional -- although each person's experience varies greatly. In order to survive adversity, to overcome loss and difficulty, and to succeed in life a person must have inner resources to draw from.

What is Love and How Do I Get It?

Dr. Lynton examines the different types of love

Small Changes = Big Rewards

From the minute we are born our brains are being programmed by adults, don?t do that, don?t do this, that?s right, that?s wrong, the list goes on. Parents all over the world programming their children?s minds with what they believe is right. Like a computer the information is stored in the memory and is repeated day in day out, over and over again. Once programmed it is sometimes hard to change our life we consider normal.

Inspiration?what is it?

What is inspiration? How do we get inspired to try to achieve great things? Perhaps we are asking the wrong question.

The Embarrassment of Self Development

For a long time I yearned to improve myself; my true inner self, but something was holding me back. I made a lot of excuses back then; I didn?t have time; I was too tired; I wasn?t sure what direction my search should take. However, the truth was I felt embarrassed about opening myself up, especially to those close to me. All that changed when I went for a stroll along a Danish beach.

As Long As You Try Your Best, There Is No Such Thing As Failure

I always say to my children, as long as you try your best, there is no such thing as failure. I believe this one hundred percent and it is a philosophy I am trying to install into my kids.

Inspirational Thought For The Day

Your inspirational thought for the day is a simple one, but profound in its implications. Here it is...

Breathing: The Way Back to Balance

How are you inventing your life today? How does the way you think affect your actions? And how might you become more aware of the process?