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Get Over A Break-Up With Hypnosis

Being in a loving relationship is what everyone dreams of. If you are in a relationship, you usually try your best to make it work. You try to devote your time, give your partner the attention she needs and even make some personal compromises. Unfortunately, not all relationships work out the way you want to. As time passes, you or your partner may realize that you are not compatible with each other and decide to break up.

Hypnosis Training ? Learn The 4 Stage Hypnosis Protocol

Hypnosis is a widely acknowledged process that can change the lives of many, by using hypnosis you can change your ways of life to be happier, healthier and more personally satisfying.

Hypnosis: Myth & Reality

Hypnosis is the most misunderstood word for many people. The common belief is that a Hypnotist can control and direct our actions, and that we can be made to do all sorts of unimaginable things under hypnosis. Discover many such myths and find out what is the reality

Self Hypnosis: Something To Get Excited About!

In this article today I want to cover a topic that I am very passionate about - Self Hypnosis. I want to cover two important points on Self Hypnosis so that you can understand the concept in more detail. Self-Hypnosis sparks many thoughts in many people and due to the fact that some of these thoughts are going to be misconception, some of the information here may surprise you. I really do hope that you enjoy and learn from what I have to say and maybe even start learning Self...

Using Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

When they make the decision to quit smoking, most smokers turn to patches or nicotine gum. The snag is that these aren't particularly effective. Partly because you're still getting an intake of nicotine.

Hypnotherapy: Be Your Own Master and Commander

Hypnotherapy, as a word has been associated with a lot of mumbo-jumbo over the years.

Stress Management Using Hypnotherapy

Stress has become a normal part of a person?s life. Almost everyone feels stressed out at one point in their lives. There are several reasons why many people experience stress. These reasons maybe caused by external or internal factors. The most common causes are health problems, emotional troubles, relationship woes, work, conflicts and lifestyle changes. The key is not letting stress take control.

Why Hypnosis Works For Weight Loss

Chances are you have heard about someone who has used hypnosis for weight loss with great success. Since the number of people using hypnosis for this area is growing, we hear more and more success stories of people who have battled weight gain over the years who are now enjoying a slimmer and healthier body through hypnosis.

The Hypnotic Way To Health

Hypnosis was once relegated to the realms of entertainment. Now, however, it is regarded as a powerful medical tool by the medical establishment and used to treat a myriad of conditions such things as angina, IBS and cystic fibrosis!

Feminization Hypnosis: Unleashing The Woman Within

Being a woman probably is one of the best things in the world. Many expert psychologists would tell you that every human being has a feminine side ? and men are no exception. There are a lot of things that encompass a woman - sensitivity, felicity, kindness, and a whole lot more. And when it comes to the physical aspect, women have softer skin, better contours, and a high-pitched voice, among others.

The Truth About Hypnosis

If you are new to Hypnosis or have just never tried it you may feel skeptical, reserved or even slightly frightened by the subject. So, here are some key information about hypnosis, trance and the its possible benefits so you can make an informed decision as to whether you want to try it or not.

Make Your Self Hypnosis Better

For those of you that have already learnt the art of Self Hypnosis, I want to put together my top tips for getting the best out of the process. I personally have practiced it for many years and must say that without Self Hypnosis, my business and my personal life would not be as successful as it is today! Self Hypnosis really helps to give you direction and also to keep you motivated and driven at those all important times. With Hypnosis on your side you can truly achieve the...

Hypnotize Yourself Into The Ghost of Christmas Future.

Ever wondered what it would be like to be taken into your future to see different possibilities of your life? Well today you can learn how to do that for yourself, as if the Ghost of Christmas future was taking you there himself.

Helping You Perform Better With Hypnotherapy For Motivation

?Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.?

Hypnosis - Levels of Consciousness

What are the different levels of Consciousness in Hypnosis? To learn Hypnosis one need to understand the nuances associated with it. The most important aspect of Hypnosis is the Levels of Consciousness. Explore it in this article.

Hypnosis - Where?s the Magic?

The word hypnosis or hypnotherapy drums up all kinds of different ideas as to what hypnosis actually is. Is it where someone casts a spell on you so that you are totally under their control? Is it the joker on the stage making you do crazy things to amuse an audience? Or is it simply talking to your subconscious mind?

Control Your Drinking With Hypnosis

Alcoholism has negatively impacted many lives. Though it?s a sad thing, there are plenty of people who just can?t put down the bottle. Like most other addictions, alcoholism has the ability to warp reality to the point where addicts no longer have any control over their functions. Alcoholism is a problem that can rip apart families, end careers, or even end lives. There are many medical downfalls associated with alcoholism and some of the social implications are just as serio...

Hypnosis And Fear Of Flying

Sometimes people suffer from a level of anxiety so high when up in the air, that they simply cannot function. When anxiety over flying gets to that point, it becomes fear of flying. Especially for people in business, commercial air flight has become a part of the landscape. Business men and women are being asked to travel all over the shrinking world to close jobs and work on business deals. If you cannot fly because of a high level of anxiety, then you are at a marked disadv...


Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to treat patients who are in pain or who are having problems within their minds. Those who use hypnotherapy believe that patients who enter a trance are more likely to listen to suggestions which are given to them.

Does Hypnosis Work?

Working as a Hypnotherapist is very rewarding as you get the privilege of working with people that want to achieve amazing success in their lives. In fact there is never really a day that I get out of bed and think ?oh no ? another boring day at work? as each and every day brings many more new clients and many more new challenges that always keeps me on my toes! Many people also find my job fascinating and I am never short of anything to say when I am with friends or meeting ...

Hypnosis-Imitation is a Powerful Force for Hypnosis

We know that human social conduct is reinforced through emulation. Your senses feed your habits. The most encouraging characteristic of a habit pattern is that the repetitive activity can be interrupted when the min is turned to other interests. Learn more about human actions, reactions and emotions.

Hypnosis, Delving Into The Subconscious.

You have surely heard of hypnosis, and you have probably either seen a demonstration on television or have personally witnessed it. Frankly it probably scares you and it should. There is a lot of damage to be done when you give a person the authority to suggest things for you to either do or believe while you are very vulnerable and suggestive. Thankfully things are being regulated better now and the great news is that the power of this exercise is incredible.

Anger Management Hypnosis

As a human being, you are provided with a means to show how you feel by displaying emotion. Aside from elation, fear and sadness, anger is considered to be an intense feeling. In biological terms, anger maybe caused by an interaction with hormones triggering it. In simple terms, people see anger as an intense emotion that can be triggered by external and internal factors.