Home Security

Safety Awareness In A Storm

You can protect your self and your family in the event of the hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and lightning storms that kill and injure thousands every year if you're knowledgeable about electrical safety during and after weather disasters.

How To Secure Your Home With Surveillance Cameras

Securing your home in case of emergencies such as thieves and other intruders is a good idea, no matter whether you live in a stand alone home or an apartment. One of the easiest ways to protect your premises is to use surveillance cameras, strategically placed around your home based on the amount of space you have. These systems can be purchased with as many cameras as you might need, and are available in wireless or wired formats.

How well are your valuables protected from fire?

Whether you are a business tycoon or a reasonably rich person with a kitty of valuable possessions, you sure do not want them destroyed by a fire or stolen by someone who probably does not value them as much as you do. On the other hand, what you want to protect may not be your hobby but official documents, jewelry and the like.

Clever Types of Body Worn Cameras

You suspect your employee is ripping off the company. It may be something a small as stealing petty cash or office supplies. It may be something much larger like pilfering office equipment, spare parts or important documents. Using one of the cleverly disguised body worn cameras may be just the ticket to finding out who is doing what, when you aren?t around to see it.

Five Rules for Dealing with Spam

It may seem like junk emails, or spam, control your inbox. By following just a few simple rules you can take back control.

Is a Dummy Home Security Camera Economical?

A home security camera is one way to protect your home against would be burglars. A home security camera system is essentially one or more small cameras that are mounted, usually, on the exterior of your home to deter would be burglars.

Self Defense-Pepper Spray or Stun Gun-a Comparison

Maybe it's not an age old question but which is better-a stun gun or pepper spray? Both have some great positives and a few not so positives. Here we will take an objective look at which is better. You be the judge.

What Everyone Should Know About Reducing the Risk of Identity Theft

Identity theft commonly begins with the loss or theft of a wallet or purse. But there are many high-tech and low-tech ways criminals get their hands on your personal and financial information in order to commit identity theft. Education is the first step in reducung the risks.

Home Security - Choosing the Right Product

Statistics show that home intrusions and loss of property continue to rise. Fortunately, there has never been a time when such a variety of quality security equipment has been available, and at such affordable prices.

Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Bugs

Do you have conversations over the phone that you do not want others to hear? If so, then it may be necessary to protect yourself from cell phone bugs. Cell phone bugs are just as high tech as many other bugs, and can pose even more of a threat, since they are harder to detect. Depending on the bug that is used to listen to your conversation, you might not even realize that someone nearby can hear every word crystal clear.

Fire Sprinklers Can Save Lives In A Home Fire

One of the best ways new homeowners can protect their families is by installing a residental fire sprinkler system.

Providing You With Effective Technologies And Ways To Fight Privacy Theft

Identity theft is fast rising up on the list of crimes being committed in the US. Last year?s identity theft statistics state that almost 9.5 million Americans became victims of privacy theft, collectively suffering a loss of almost five billion dollars. Anybody can become a victim of privacy theft and in a day and age where information is already easily available, it is extremely important that you take all kinds of precautions to prevent identity theft.

Home Security-The Role of Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras, once the province of James Bond flicks, have become more of a staple in home security because of their effectiveness, ease of installation and cost. If you want to find out what's going on at home or at your business when you are not there-get another set of eyes-a hidden camera.

Home Security How to Spot Suspicious Activity

In part nine of this series on home security, I am going to giver you a list of things to watch out for to help in spotting possibly suspicious people, its surprising how regularly we miss rather obvious signs that should put us on our guard.

How Internet Predators Select Their Victims

The average pedophile will victimize dozens of children before he comes to the attention of law enforcement. A large and growing number of predators have gravitated towards the internet, reasoning that browsing the personal profiles children themselves post on instant message services and anonymously lurking in chat rooms is less risky and more effective than hanging around playgrounds and schoolyards. How do internet predators select their victims? This article lists some important factors.

Using an Outdoor Spy Cam

A spy cam can be a great tool for protecting your home. A spy cam, properly placed

What?s the big push for Emergency Supply Kits?

The NOOA is saying that 2006 could be one of the worst hurricane seasons we have ever experienced. Worse than last year with 27 named storms, 15 hurricanes with 4 of those being a Category 5? Hurricanes Cindy, Dennis, Katrina, Ophelia, Rita & Wilma as well as Tropical Storms Arlene & Tammy touched the United States in 2005.

Electric Gates: What Are They Made Of?

Electric gates are made up of two main parts: the motor and the opener. There are also some accessories that you can use together with them. Knowing these will allow you to determine common electric gate problems.

How to Make Your Apartment Safe

There are special dangers involved with apartment living. This is because you live so close to many other people. Their actions can jeopardize your safety and so it?s very important for you to be aware of what you must do to safeguard yourself, your family and your possessions