Goal Setting

Creating Your Future

Where am I going and how do I get there? These are the two questions we most often ask in life when we find ourselves struggling with our lot-in-life. Take a look at this perspective that creates freedom and joy in the journey, your life, that leads you to the future you're creating.

Set Your Mind To Win

I could do it if I could just set my mind to it. Have you ever said this?

Setting Goals for Success

Setting goals to reach success is like climbing a mountain. It takes a very long time to reach the top.

Goals Help In Getting Out Of The "Pits"

Have you ever encountered a person who feels like they are just "unfocused". Or maybe this is happening to you. Studies have shown that many people (including very successful ones) feel this way. We often get the feeling that we're stuck in a rut, going through the daily grind, just to stay where we are. Sort of like being on a treadmill: at the end of the day we're spent, but what have we accomplished?

Learning Vision From Leaders

The Japanese have several traditions. One is binding the feet of babies in order to keep them small in later life. Bonsai is a process of miniaturizing the root system of plants and trees so as to allow the characteristics of a full-grown tree but in a stunted form.

New Year Goals

?Action Steps To Success?

What are your goals for the next 30 days?

Many entrepreneurs try to chase too many targets at once and end up overwhelmed rather than focusing on their business. They spend all their energy carrying out daily tasks leaving little time for the most important part of their business - their own business!

Winning Coaches Know the Secret of Goal Setting

The secret ingredient to improve a team?s or an individual?s chances of winning is outlined by a seasoned rugby coach who learned first hand the importance of goal setting

Are you ready to make 2006 your best year ever?

This caught my attention. I looked a little harder for the reason so many resolutions fail within such a short amount of time. I found that the majority of resolutions fail due to:

Keep That Focus

One of the things most critical to home business success is defining one's goals. We are continually reminded to write them on paper, giving ourselves a deadline to meet them, so that we can remain focused on our ultimate dreams.

Score A Winning Goal

?A successful attempt at scoring? - Let?s break that definition of Goals down a little. When you attempt a goal, does that mean you hit the mark you were shooting for? Or does it mean you tried? And if you tried [attempted] and did not hit the goal you intended does that mean the attempt had no value?

Achieve Your Goals By Applying And Not Buying

Recently, I read a comment by Ken Reno that people lose large amounts of money when they keep "buying but never applying" internet products and services. What are the solutions to this problem?

The Key To Perseverance

Do you find it hard to stick to a plan or purpose in life? Does quitting often seem too easy? What is the key to perseverance?

Creating the Perfect Goals for Success

Every single motivational speaker will tell you that you need to create goals so that you know what you are working towards. Well, that's not the whole story though. It goes beyond just writing goals down on paper.

Always Set Yourself Targets And Work Hard To Achieve Them

I was always told by parents to always work towards a future goal or target and to ensure that you reached that goal. This they told me would make me a success in life. This article describes about the importance of having a goal in life.

Follow Your Dreams

It is that time of year once more when many people are working on the goals they have set for themselves for the new year. It?s the same thing every year. The goals that people set for themselves are usually along the lines of, ?I want to lose weight?, ? I want to quit smoking?, ?I want to exercise more? etc. Newsletters and Magazines are full of articles on how to accomplish these things.

What Am I Going To Do With The Rest Of My Life?

Life changes, traumatic events or even just garden-variety nighttime against can make us feel uncertain about our future. Are your ready to move on with your life after a sudden change - or are you just waiting for someone to tell you how it's all supposed to work? Read on to find tips, steps and guidance on how to figure out where you want to go, how you want to get there and what you want to be when you arrive!

To Realize your Dreams, Focus on Significance, not Success

When you think about making your dreams come true, are you more concerned with being successful, or accomplishing something significant? Find out what the difference is between the two, and how focusing on significance can be your key to true fulfillment.

Competition, Jealousy And Goals

Are you a competitive person? The answer may surprise you! Find out why most people are more competitive than they believe, and how that competitive nature is actually a good thing when it comes to goal setting.

Personal Development Power Tips

Personal Development, at its basis, is anything that allows us to grow into an ordered life that is of our choosing. This is one of the most cherished of goals among self improvement practitioners. There are some excellent methods available for achieving it. However, it is easier said than done. Here are a few hints and tips to get you started.

Four Tips For Managing Your Life

Good news: from getting organized to maximizing your time, there are some easy ways to stay focused and achieve your goals.

Goal Setting Adds Purpose To Your Online Business

People used to come to my high school and talk about how important it was to have goals. ?You have to set realistic but ambitious goals for your life in order to feel fulfilled with life.? I am paraphrasing, of course, because in high school I was a young punk and never paid attention at those assemblies. I was just happy to get out of class. But as I?ve grown and matured, I have begun to realize what they really meant by ?goals?. Goal setting can be an essential part of ever...

Ten Ideas to Help You Keep Your Resolutions Or Goals

If you have some resolutions for the New Year or if you set some goals for yourself or your business for the next year, here are some ways to keep yourself on track and focused.

How to Stay Motivated and Stick to Your Goals

Here's everything you wanted to know about motivation but didn't know who to ask: the basics of motivating yourself, how to draw on your own natural sources of motivational energy, and practical techniques for jump-starting your energy and enthusiasm?to stay on course with your goals!

Prerequisite Qualities For Optimum Goal Setting

The minute you set a goal, you are creating a 'mini crisis' in your mind. You're telling your mind about a journey you are considering. In simple terms you are stating where you want to be in relation to where you are. And in between these two is a chasm, a gap.

Establish What You Want With NLP

How can you achieve if you do not know what it is you really want? So many of us want something different from our lives but do not really know what we do want. How do you find ouot what it is you want in life? Read on to find out.