Planning A Charity Golf Tournament

Quick tips and how to advice on putting together a charity golf tournament. Done correctly, these can be huge fundraisers, but you need to plan ahead.

Wreath Making Fundraisers

Wreath making and selling can be a fun project and a money maker for almost any organization; however it is going to take some careful planning to make sure that everything runs smoothly. You?re weekly get together group may be all in favor of making wreaths, but as with any group project, you will have members who will be at different levels of capabilities. Some members may already be proficient wreath makers, others may be rank beginners.

Looking For A Fundraising

The pushover premise is somewhat prevailing - a diverting bedtime where adults can groove on useful music and great food while letting their hair down with some outrageous costumes and the requisite major bead necklaces.

Make The Money You Need With Candle Fundraisers

Selling candles can be surprisingly effective, if done well.

Salvation Army, Not Just A Religion, A Charity Worth Giving To

The Salvation Army may be a religious organization but their main function seems to be to help those in need. As such they are a charity worth donating to. A charity that deserves your donations, not just at Christmas time but year round. Help them help others. You don't have to be a Christian to give to them, you don't even have to believe in God. All you have to believe in is helping other people.

10 Tips for Easy Fundraising with Memorial Bricks

What to think about BEFORE you embark on a fund-raising project with memorial bricks. 10 easy tips and questions from someone who's helped thousands of groups raise funds with memorial bricks since 1988.

About Non Profit Fundraising

85% of Non Profit Fundraising every year is acquired from direct

Fundraising Sales Secrets

Helpful hints for selling fundraising products

Corporate Fundraising Tips

Raising funds within a corporate setting takes creativity and good time management skills. With a little bit of planning and teamwork, however, your office can raise a large amount of money for purposes such as charitable donations or community resources. Regardless of the purpose behind the fundraising, there are a number of common principles that can be employed in order to maximize results and get the most out of the fundraising experience.

The Four Major Forms of Fundraising

An informative article that explores the four major types of fundraising.

Want More Lucrative Fundraising? Cruises Are The Answer

Fundraising cruises are becoming more and more popular because they give nonprofits the ability to generate greater interest, increase donor giving and have more fun.

How to Build and Manage a Successful Fundraising Team

When planning a large fundraising project it's important to put together the right team. Once the team is assembled managing and motivating them can be a real challenge. This article has some great tips and ideas to help you lead your fundraising team to victory!

High School Fundraisers

High school?a constant hub of activities, studies, and events?and the last years of our school days shared with friends. High schools always hold a variety of events to raise funds for the many extra curricular activities that makes school fun.

Charities For Good Fundraising Events

There are people who really want to devote some time they have in helping out other people. But the purpose for putting up fundraising drives would have to define what they are designed for and what they intend to accomplish. People would resort to medical missions, conducting community service in helping out shorthanded foundations to take care of the people under their wing.

Cheerleader Fundraising

In this article, we'll consider three types of cheer fundraisers. Each involves doing something a little different, each of them are easy to do, and each fundraiser packs a profit punch.

Cheap Fundraising? Cheap Give-aways? Have You Tried The Silicone Bracelets

What makes today?s rubber silicone bracelets a hit? Could it be the color, size, or design? I think rubber silicone bracelets are such a hit because of the cause or the reason behind the design and massage on the bracelets.

How Can Fundraising Consulting Help Us Raise Money?

How can fundraising consulting help us?

Being Creative With Your Fundraising Ideas

Have you realized just how much fundraising is going on these days? There is fundraising for little league, school fundraisers, and the college fundraiser, as well as church fundraisers. Day cares need more funds, hospitals need new equipment, and cheerleaders need to fundraise for their costumes.

School Fundraiser Organization Tips Part 2

Hopefully, you've already read Part One of these tips for organizing your school fundraiser. A smart plan can make your school fundraiser much easier. Here are some other considerations:

School Fundraising Ideas - Part Two

Looking for a good school fundraising idea? In this series, we'll take a look at three school fundraising ideas. Part Two looks at Pizza Cards.

Candle Fund Raisers Are Highly Profitable For Your Organization

Fund raisers are a great way to raise money for your school, sports team or other type organization. What?s also nice about them is that they are a very sociable way to earn money for a good cause because you?re out there meeting the community. For younger participants, fundraisers can even be an early lesson in sales and marketing.

The Real Thing About Fundraising

The Real Thing About Fundraising

The Little Souls Dolls

Little Souls dolls are valuable and unique treasures created by children who are in need. Sales benefit those very children and part of the sales go to the Children's Hope Foundation.

Krispy Kreme Fundraising

Krispy Kreme fundraising has been helping schools, youth sports groups, and churches raise money since 1937. Krispy Kreme doughnuts are a great fundraiser. Raise money by selling fresh doughnuts. Works well for school fundraisers, churches, clubs, and youth sports teams.

Non-profits: Raise Funds without Buying Ads or Mailings

Non-profits with tight budgets can still impact their fundraising efforts without having to buy ads or send mass direct mailings. Free editorial placements often garner more attention and cost nothing.

Fundraising Tips - The Follow-Up

Informing everyone who took part in your most recent fundraising is of utmost importance.