Ezine Marketing

How To Take The Pain Out Of Publishing Your Ezine

99% of all ezines are not "being a reporter" on current events; that is the first and most important thing to understand.

4 Profitable Joint Ventures To Improve Your Ezine Publishing Success

4 effective ways to use joint ventures or ad swaps to increase your ezine subscriptions or your sales.

E-zine Advertising, An Affordable Alternative To Google

Pay per click advertising is an excellent alternative, to getting targeted web site traffic from the difficult task of search engine optimization. However it can become very expensive for the web site owner. E-zine advertising is an even better alternative because, it is also targeted, but more affordable than ppc advertising. You may also continue to get traffic long after your ad runs, because some e-zines archive their issues


In the online world it is very important for small and new businesses to market their sites for the much required growth and expansion. This article deals exactly with this issue and throws light on the ways by which small businesses can effectively market themselves via digital means.

Why Ezine Advertising Still Works

I have to tell you that ezine advertising is alive and well -- and still one of the most effective and powerful forms of internet marketing available.

Publishing A Newsletter

Today, many websites offer a free newsletter. Newsletters, from the receiving end, can be a great source for information that is delivered to your in-box. You can simply save the newsletter for future reference, something many people do. From the publisher's standpoint, though, a newsletter is a fantastic idea as it gives you a database of people who are interested in what you have to offer. Marketers know the value of this. But, aside from the potential financial benefit of ...

How To Get Massive Free Advertising With Ezines

For the netrepreneur seeking targeted free and low-cost advertising, ezines are an excellent resource. Using the following strategies you can get hundreds of dollars worth of ezine advertising on an ongoing basis, absolutely for FREE.

Solo Ezine Ads

Stand Alone Advertising

Ezine Advertising,it sounds simple enough?

This is a how-to article on optimizing dollar for dollar performance for one's ezine advertising while ensuring one maximizes their efforts in reaching their targeted audience to the best of their ability.

Does Your Business Need a Newsletter?

If you are not yet using a newsletter as a part of your internet marketing efforts then you are missing out on potential and existing customers becoming valuable long-term buyers.

Ezine Advertising Works: Top 10 Reasons To Advertise With Ezines

Ezine advertising really works and here are 10 reasons why it is so powerful and effective

Why Didn't You Publish My Article? Other Major Article Sites Did!

QUESTION: Do you feel like giving me a reason for rejecting my article, considering all the other major article sites have published my article?