Ceiling fan energy efficiency

Ceiling fans can be a great way to increase the energy savings in your home while providing a comfortable living environment. Offering more features and functionality than a standard light, many ceiling fans can easily be installed in the same location as and replace your light fixture.

Fuel Cell Power: The Energy of the Future

Many scientific and engineering thought leaders consider fuel cell power stacks as the primary technology in the evolution of electronic or alternative fuel automobiles within the next decade.

Want to Stop a Third of the Energy Loss from Your Home?

Your basement is not insulated by the soil around it. Adding insulation to your basement walls reduces heat loss and makes your basement more comfortable. But, you need to take the right precautions or you might suffer costly damage.

Cut Energy Costs with Solar Exterior Window Shades

This article is dealing with how solar window shades can cut our energy consumption and expenses. The best way to cut home cooling bills will be to strategically plant trees to provide shade for the house. Until the trees get big enough though, the window shades will cover the window in style and save a few bucks a month.

Use Safe Energy Today

In the winter your home heating cost may rise almost each year. There are many reasons for this rise in heating costs for all types of heat whether you have electric, gas, or oil heat in your house. There are several things to save money and get ready for the rise of energy costs in your home environment.

Learn How To Breathe Properly And Stop Denying Yourself Of Energy

Did you know that breathing is the only essential bodily function performed unconsciously, that you can control consciously? Your body can go without food for months, water for weeks and yet your body can't go without oxygen for more than a few minutes. Think about it.

Hydropower As An Energy Platform

Much like solar and wind power, hydropower has been a constant energy source for man. Following is an overview of hydropower.

Change A Light, Change The World With Energy Star

Most people want to do their part to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save on their energy bills, but don't know what they can do. Using energy efficiently at home is an important start, and, it can be as easy as changing a light bulb.

Increasing Your Energy

Do you have enough energy to create the life you want? Energy is the critical, invisible force that creates your vitality and aliveness.

Conflict and Change: Managing Emotional Energy

The beginning of a new year, like the beginning of anything, brings with it thoughts of change, rejuvenation, new life, and resolutions about how to accomplish these changes. Life offers possibilities of a fresh start for our relationships. But we don't always carry through on our resolutions.

How To Become A Qualified Domestic Energy Assessor

A UK energy inspector must take a series of lectures, workshops and hands-on training to pass the testing and earn the diploma as domestic energy assessor.

5 Practical Tips for All-Season Energy Savings

Replacing windows and doors is the fourth most common home-remodeling project and experts say it can dramatically reduce utility bills. Yet when it comes to choosing more energy-efficient options, consumers might be overwhelmed by the whirlwind of technology, terminology and options on the market today.

Save Money Cutting Your Home Energy Bill

Heating bills are rising up in every part of the country and the trend will continue because of World energy demands. The average US household expense on energy bills is estimated at 6% of the income in 2005, compared to 4% in 2003. Owners of efficient new houses spend considerably less than the people living in old houses. Financial burden due to increased energy expenses can be reduced by weatherizing and conserving.

Concentrating Sunlight for Energy

One of the consistent problems with solar platforms has been the inefficient conversion of sunlight to electricity. New technology and strategies are dealing with this issue.

Buying An Energy Efficient Home Appliance

With too many brands powered with each one?s aggressive marketing strategies conquering the market, the hapless consumer is terribly confused in his selection of a new energy efficient home appliance. If you are more concerned about your hard earned money, then the choice becomes a difficult task indeed. Ultimately, quite often, you end up buying the cheapest item available in the market.

Future Energy Concepts ? The Fuel Cell

With global warming, general pollution and rising fuel prices, our future energy needs are a hot topic. Fuel cells may represent a solution, one coming sooner than later.

Million Solar Roof Initiative ? U.S. Department of Energy

The U.S. Department of Energy has been given a mission of reducing fossil fuel dependence and pollution in the country. Its answer is the Million Solar Roof Initiative.

Powerful Health Weapon Can Increase Your Energy

Want more pep and increased wellness? Fight tiredness and other health problems too.

Sustainable Energy Policies Debated By State Governments

Energy usage has become THE hot issue. As the price for gas and home heating oil climb into the statosphere, lots of folks are praying for relief. Will the government provide that relief?

Anaerobic Digestion Makes Renewable Energy From Rubbish

A Waste Management system which is suitable for processing mixed (black bag) waste has been developed from technology first developed in Israel.

Save Money On Gasoline And Move America To Energy Independence

When gasoline prices are high, nobody wants to be fuelish. By doing a few simple things to reduce gas mileage, you can save money and help America reduce its dependence on foreign sources of oil.

The Right Time For Using Solar Energy For Houses

Use of solar energy is becoming more and more popular every day. The price of electricity is rising and the best alternative that we have today is using solar energy. We all know that global warming is on an everyday rise today. The main reason for this being burning of fossil fuels like coal,which in turn is being used to produce electricity,so if we want our future to be safe, this is the time we step forward and start using solar technology