Elderly Care

Aging Parents and Role Reversal

Unfortunately, you are not able to turn back time. Your children are no longer the only parenting role you have. It is now including the care and decision making for your own parents. Role Reversal for aging parents is difficult on all concerned. It isn't anything you prepared for or expected would happen to you. If you need a dose of growing up, elder care will make it happen whether you're ready or not!

Massage Therapy for Senior Citizens

An informative article on the benefits of massage therapy for senior citizens.

Debt Relief for the Elderly and Disabled

Debt settlement, also known as debt negotiation or debt reduction, is a relatively new way for dealing with your debt problems.

Elderly Gift Ideas

Coming up with elderly gift ideas isn?t as hard as you think. Sometimes buying gifts for older individuals gets frustrating because we tend to think that by now older folks have everything they need. And while it?s true that they probably don?t need any more socks or handkerchiefs, coming up with elderly gift ides is easy, if you?re willing to put some thought into the process.

Credit Card Debt Reduction For The Elderly

There are many problems that accompany old age. The years that follow retirement are filled with many issues. Many of these adjustments have to take place at the psychological level. For instance, the senior citizen has to get used to his new-found status as he is no longer going to be bringing home the money. In effect, this would mean giving up the sense of independence that he had sustained throughout his adult life. Entering the hallowed group of senior citizens generally...

Should You Join AARP?

At present some of the hot button items the AARP is working with are:

Adjusting To An Aging Mind

As brains age, people are likely to think as quickly or remember things as well as they used to. You can follow a few simple tips to help remember things and avoid scams.

The Social Security Cost Of Living Increase Is Not Keeping Up

Is the COLA (Cost Of Living Adjustment) losing its fizz? Many seniors now feel that the annual Social Security cost of living increase is failing to keep up with the soaring prices of everything from gas and heating bills to groceries and prescription drugs and are looking for ways to improve the system.

What's The Difference Between Alzheimer's and Dementia?

Confusing Alzheimer's and Dementia could cost someone you love valuable treatment.

A Grandparent?s Guide To Choosing Age Appropriate Toys

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 1.3 million children are entrusted to their grandparents every day. Roles of a grandparent include spoiling and enlightening their grandkids with toys they will enjoy. After all, toys are considered to be treasures of childhood. With this role comes an added responsibility to make sure that grandchildren stay safe and enjoy a toy that is age-appropriate. Grandparents make up a large percentage of toy buyers. Thousands of toys are marketed ...

Which of These 4 Personal Mobility Scooters Will You Own?

There are many makes and models of personal mobility scooters to choose from. Break them down and they fall into the 4 following categories of scooters. Here they are:

Choosing The Perfect Retirement Home

Making the decision to move from the comfort of your own home into a retirement home is not one to be taken lightly and needs a lot of thought and preparation.

Seniors Pay High Price for Gap in Benefits Coverage

Since the Medicare Part D drug benefit was unveiled, it has proven to be even more confusing and inefficient than its critics predicted. Even seniors who have been able to register for the program must still struggle with a $3,000 gap in benefits coverage and a hefty monthly premium.

Medication and Older Adults

Of all the problems older adults face in taking medication, drug interactions are probably the most dangerous. There is also evidence that older adults tend to be more sensitive to drugs than younger adults are, due to their generally slower metabolisms and organ functions.

Warning to the Elderly: Don't Take Psychoactive Medications and Drive

There have been a lot of researches that older drivers have the second highest risk for motor vehicle collisions of any age group. Moreover, many elderly drivers take several medications for health conditions such as psychoactive medications in which poses a great risk while driving.

Stair Chair Lift: A Modern Day Wonder

Have you even been to one of those historical shrines or perhaps ancient wonders where in you need to walk up more than 200 steps on the stairs, just to catch a glimpse of history? Whew! I?ve been to one. But going back is the farthest thing on my mind. In fact, had I known it was too be that exhausting, I would not have given it a time of the day. But what if you had no choice but to climb that flight of stairs?and everyday nonetheless!

Keep Seniors Independent and Involved -Practical Acts of Kindness

Sometimes elderly people can be fierce about maintaining their independence - some would say downright stubborn. But it is hard to give up taking care of oneself and give the reins over to someone else. How can you help without taking away their independence?

Sleeping Problems in the Elderly

Sleeping problems in the Elderly discusses the changing patterns in sleep which occur as people age, and how best to manage them.

Caregiving Tips for Boomers: 5 Tips for Decreasing the Cost of Caring for Elderly Parents

Baby Boomers provide countless hours of assistance to elderly parents at no charge. These caregivers pay with losses that extend well beyond their bank accounts. They often forego the activities that bring joy and richness to their lives. More than the personal cost of caregiving; it?s the value that they bring to the lives of others that matter at the end.

Buying Furniture for the Elderly with Special Needs

If you are challenged with buying furniture for an elderly person, there are a few things you should keep in mind as you start your search.

Inventors Create Wheelchair Innovations for Safety, Affordability and Mobility

The prolonged use of a wheelchair is a reality for over 100 million people across the globe due to disabilities brought about by illness, accident or advanced age. Among the challenges faced by this large and diverse group are; lack of access to adequate wheelchairs due to poverty, the risk of serious and even life threatening injury due to wheelchair roll-away or wheel pinning, and impediments to travel caused by the cumbersome nature of standard wheelchairs.

Reverse Mortgages Can Benefit Elderly

Reverse mortgages are available through lenders insured by the federal government and can be of great benefit to those who are eligible to apply. There are three types of reverse mortgages currently available in the United States, including Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECM), Fannie Mae (FNMA) Home Keeper and Financial Freedom Cash Accounts.

Easy Access Showers for the elderly

Useful information on showers for the elderly and disabled.

Helpful Hints for the Elderly

The elderly need a lot of help around the house, but it is not often that each and every member of the family will be around to help. A typical household will not have a hired nurse, and so it becomes the duty of the homeowner to assist their aged parents or grandparents.

The Benefits Of Continuing Care Retirement Community

People nowadays have already realized the importance of saving for the future, especially for their retirement. This is because when they reach their retirement age, all they have to do is to relax and enjoy life together with the financial benefits that they themselves have tried to save little by little.