Promoting Your Software Made Easy

Why would a software company overlook one of the easiest and quickest ways to promote it's products online? This would seem to be a rhetorical question except for the fact that I run a shareware site and am constantly on the search for new software to add to my site. The thing is that only half of the programs I want to add to my database have PAD files available.

Your Web Merchant Account

Do you know of competitors who are using a Web merchant account? If so, chances are they are more than satisfied with the benefits this type of account can confer on a business of any size. Assuming this is the case, do you really want to be left behind as your colleagues begin to see profit increases from 50% to 400%? Obviously not! Now is the time to maximize your company?s potential by applying for a merchant account that will support your company?s image and credit card p...

Checks Out At Check Out

Jason Schwartz looks at ways of expanding your online customer base and streamlining your accounts processes.

ECommerce Websites for Small Businesses

ECommerce Websites are they a good solution for Small and Medium Sized Businesses? Exploring the benefits of having an eCommerce Website.

Specialized Needs for a Successful Ecommerce Solution

This article gives some insight to the growing virtual marketplace and the special needs required that make an ecommerce web site function smoothly.

Ecommerce ? The Variety Spice

The manager of a superstore was surprised to see his newest salesman ushering a man out the door with multiple signed contracts in hand. The customer left with a new boat, SUV and enough new tackle to outfit the boat for an extended period of time. The man actually seemed very happy with his purchase and the new salesman almost seemed like the customers best friend.

Shopping Cart Software: 6 Sure-fire Reasons Why You Need One

A shopping cart is essential to every business for a lot of reasons. Knowing the benefits will help you appreciate its role in providing company success.

Ecommerce ? The Stats Tell A Story

According to U.S. Government reports ecommerce continues to improve dramatically, ?Total e-commerce sales for 2006 were estimated at $108.7 billion, an increase of 23.5 percent (?3.3%) from 2005.?

4 Techniques To Sell A Site With No Traffic

This article demonstrates 4 techniques on how to sell websites with no traffic.

Accepting payment at your ecommerce website

To accept credit card payment online, you will need a merchant account. And this article will cover few of the easiest way to setup your online store and start selling goods.

Choosing An Appropriate Affiliate Program-Learn More Now

The main and most important reason affiliate programs are excellent for beginners is you only need to concentrate on promoting and not making your product.

Taking Payments On-Line

Solutions for small websites to accept on-line payments using shopping carts.

Vodafone offer streamed news

Vodafone 3G customers can now watch a live streamed television news bulletin on their 3G mobile just like one they'd see on the box at home.

Make your ecommerce site complete with offshoredollar.

Offshoredollar is the best site that you can make use of for sending

Valuable Niche Markets

Why niche markets hold so much value when doing business online.

Ecommerce Is The Way To Go

In a world where the Web is driving the consumer and the market, it is only logical to realize that ecommerce is the way to go. Small business owners everywhere are catching on to the trend of ecommerce. There are many reasons ecommerce is so incredibly popular. Take a look at these reasons and decide for yourself if ecommerce is what you want to take on. Don?t be the last one to get involved in this great thing.

Data Recovery Offline Solutions

Losing your data is an unexpected time consuming problem that may stop you from working depending on why your system crashed to begin with; mechanical or physical. Either way you are stuck until you fix your system or purchase a new one. If you purchase a new one you still need to access your data from your damaged computer system in order to transfer files, documents and other important information that you need.

Foxy Retailers take on the supermarkets and win

The position of Jersey (Channel Islands) as an ecommerce hub is becoming increasingly more contentious

About unlimited domain hosting

Web hosting plan with unlimited domain hosting are getting more common. Is this mean that you can host thousands of unique websites in this single hosting plan? Find out the fast and limitation behind the unlimited domain hosting.

Ecommerce ? Entrepreneurial Perseverance

"It is time for us to stand and cheer for the doer, the achiever, the one who recognizes the challenge and does something about it." - Vince Lombardi

Ecommerce ? Flex Those Marketing Muscles

John (or Joan) Q. Citizen probably don?t think of how certain decisions in the business world affected them. The primary thing most are concerned with is making sure they have enough money to pay the bills.

Citizen Eco Drive

What will you do with your battery now that your watch doesn?t need one?

Ecommerce Website Development Brings More People To Your Business

If you have a business and you want to tell more people about your business and what service you offer to the public or what product you're selling. Putting your business on the Internet today offers you the chance to reach millions of people everyday and it's as easy as finding the right website host who will work with you to get your web page up and running so you can start making more money. Millions of people everyday move through the internet to the merchant's web site. ...

Ecommerce Stores

The Internet opens up so many opportunities for a company to exist and to expand their operations worldwide. It opens up a global marketplace in which people from all over the world can buy and sell goods and services from the comforts of their own homes. The Internet opens up so much opportunity that more and more conventional stores are becoming e-tailors. Everyday more and more ecommerce stores are appearing on the Internet in all countries. If everyone is doing it, then w...

E-Commerce Solutions and E-Commerce Business Solutions London, UK

If you want to build an e-business or take your existing business online, the TECHNO BIZ E-Commerce solution can provide your business website with the tools and web hosting it needs. This complete, easy-to-use ecommerce solution, offers all the ecommerce functionality you need, including entry-level catalogue, shopping cart and real-time transaction processing, custom shipping tables, support for instant payment gateway solutions, and much more.

Identity Theft (R&R)?

One of the hottest buzzwords in the news today is Identity Theft which is now reaching epidemic proportions...