Multiple Domain Web Hosting

Hosting all your sites with one host can offer lots of advantages but there is one major disadvantage ? if your server goes down, all your sites go down. If you are depending on your sites for income this can be a disastrous situation. For this reason, it is a good idea to have at least one of your sites with a different host. If your sites are essential for your livelihood and you can't afford any down time whatsoever, you would be advised to host everything with (at least) two hosts.

Combating Cyber-Squatting And Other Domain Name Maladies: An Overview Of UDRP Proceedings

Businesses that are working to establish an easily identifiable Internet presence oftentimes utilize their trademarks in their domain names in order to better direct customers to their website venues. Unfortunately, disputes many times occur when a business learns that some other individual or entity is using that enterprise's trademark or something very similar in such a way so as to confuse consumers. Moreover, some businesses have ended up having to deal with so-called cyb...

Internet Domain Name Registration Explained

When we talk about the internet, we cannot escape the fact that one thing that is nice about the internet is that nobody really owns it. It is just a global collection of networks, both of those are big and small, that really link together in many various means just to create a certain formation or a single entity that we know today as ?the internet?. Since the internet was born in 1969, it has grown from four host computer systems to hundreds of millions today. And due to su...

Buying expired domains for PR, does it still work?

I?ve done some experiments over the past few months about expiring domains with PR to see if it is worth your while to catch these expired and deleted domains.

What?s The Point In A Good Domain Name?

So what is a domain name?

Cira Domain Name Whois Privacy Standard Information

Have you heard about the new standard for domain name whois privacy that the Canadian Internet Registration Authority or the CIRA has recently announced? If not yet, then here it is.

Getting The Right Domain Name

Once you are comfortable with working online, you should buy a domain name for your site or sites. Domain name registration, if you do it right, is one of the key components of having your site rate high in the search engines. The right domain name is memorable, and can get your site to rank higher than other names. The wrong domain name won't do you any good at all.

Domain Name Trademarks

As your Internet business grows, the value of your domain name increases. The issue of a domain name trademark should move to the top of your list. You need to guard against unscrupulous competitors that may try to incorporate your domain name in their meta tags to obtain search engine rankings under your name. If you have a domain name trademark, you can go after these individuals and compel the search engines to remove their listings.

How To Pick A Web Site Domain Name For Your Company Or Law Firm

Your web site is located by an IP (Internet Protocol) address such as and is accessible on the Internet by typing Instead of typing a series of numbers which are difficult to remember, you can register an easier to remember domain name which becomes associated with your IP address. Visitors typing an easy to remember domain name will be pointed to your IP address. Similar to a 1-800 vanity phone number, some domain names pertain to the subject of...

Many Uses For Expired Domain Names

With the recent decline of the U.S. economy many changes have come about with regards to business on the internet. One of these things is an upswing in the amount of expired domain names that are available to be re-registered to a new owner, once they have been determined to be expired.

Which Domain Name Do I Choose?

What is the best domain name to choose?

How To Buy Domain Name ?

The peak stirring you'll requirement to velvet is deciding what country name you want. It all depends on what your netting site's objectives are. If you spirit to sustain your lacework site heavily offline, then you will want to register a domain name which is short and memorable. Web sites that focus on digital content, products and services can generally use a longer name successfully as they generally stick to linking methods.

Expired Domain Name ? What?s It All About?

Expired domain name is just a common status in the place of domain names. This certain status of the domain name takes place when the domain name holder forgot to renew the registered domain name, and so when a certain domain name is given as ?expired domain name?, it is understandable that such expired domain name is on the way to deletion from the domain name registry.

How Does Someone Know To Buy Domain After It Is Searched At A Registrar?

Here is a scary issue... and I feel it happens way too often for it to just be a coincidence. I am posting this as a warning to anyone who is searching for a domain name... if you find a name that is available and you like it... you better purchase it immediately or you will risk losing it to someone who is looking to make a quick resell by tracking searched names!

Are Free Domain Names Worth The Cost?

Everyone likes a bargain. It's even wise to keep one's costs down. On the other hand, you can be so cheap that you cut your own throat.

Domain Name Disputes - A Trending Pattern

Along with the introduction and the function of the domain name, there comes the so called ?domain name disputes? which becomes one of the hottest subject of most domain name queries and discussions. Many were asking about the nature of the domain name disputes, its uses and everything about it, but then many are left without answers.

Who's The Best Domain Registrar?

It's almost to the point where it's literally, a dime a dozen. Domain registrars are the companies that hold a database of domain names and the detailed information about the domains. For example:

Domain name | Website hosting | Domain name registration

If you are planning to buy Internet domain name for your online business, there are few things that should be kept in mind during and after the procedure of domain name registration. The foremost thing that has to be thought about in the entire process is to select a domain name for your online business. For more about domain names, domain name registration, icann register, visit:

Using Your Domain Name To Create More Business Products

The internet is a source of income within itself if you know what avenues to go down in order to generate the interest. Most companies nowadays have their own websites which offer information around the globe on what they offer. Whilst you may already be expanding due to this type of advertising would it not make sense to utilize this space to the best potential you can get from it? There are a few extra business opportunities that can bring in some extra cash for you and you...

Is Internet Marketing The Domain Of Secret Wielding Gurus?

If you're a student of the internet marketing industry, you've likely noticed that there are an awful lot of internet marketing gurus that claim to be in possession of the secret or secrets that you need to be successful with an internet marketing business. There are any experts offering to sell you the secret to succeeding on the internet.

How To Register A Domain Name Successfully

If you wish to register a domain name is not that simple as it seems. If you register the right domain name, then web users will find your site easily. But, if you register the wrong one, then they will not be able to visit your web site and finally you will lose traffic. A wrong decision will bring down your site's growth and certainly this is not what you want.

Harnessing the Power of Robots.txt

Once we have a website up and running, we need to make sure that all visiting search engines can access all the pages we want them to look at.

10 Tips For Accurate Domain Registration

You should think about registering a domain name before you actually do it. Many people come up with a catchy name, or feel the need to lock in their name, and rush out to buy a domain name. But there are several things to consider in your domain name. After all, your domain name is an extension of your business and your image?don't you want to project the right one?