Divorce and Hidden Assets

Hiding Assets is not the norm in divorce proceedings, but it does happen. Find out how to find out if your spouse has hidden assets in preparation for a divorce.

Divorce Help: Vital Steps to Recovering From a Divorce

Divorce is one of the biggest emotional pains. Here are some important tips that will help you survive divorce.

Validity of a will executed in a foreign place


De-Stressing Divorce

Cooperation may not be a word many people associate with divorce, but if the authors of a new book have their way, it soon will be.

Divorce and the Child Custody Evaluation

Getting prepared for the Child Custody Evaluation can be nerve racking, but if you

Divorce - Are You Heading Towards It? Test Now

Divorce is not like a volcano. One fine day, we find that a volcano has erupted. Divorce happens over a period of time. The relationship breaks down continuously and we realize that life can no longer be lived together.

The Plain Truth about Marriage and Divorce

The article deals with marriage and family, and how divorce can be seen as the solution to marital problems.

Quiz Yourself - Will You Survive Break-Up?

I did everything possible to save our relationship. I gave in a lot, but I could not save. We will be breaking-up soon. That has already broken my heart.

Who Suffers More In A Divorce?

The name divorce has been a household word for people who need it, or just take it as fashion on self-realization for the never ending illusion for the search of ?Miss or Mr. Right? for a mate in life. Even in the confines of the most settled or established homes the word ?divorce? hovers as a threat to the solemnity of conjugal partnership because of the environmental changes in trends, culture, ignoring some already practiced social conventions.

Successful Parenting After Separation

Separation is a challenging time for many parents because it is an adjustment to a new way of life

Joint Custody in Divorce

Criteria Courts consider in awards of joint custody

Prevent Divorce Basics

Your marriage is in trouble, and you know that even though you want to get it all over with that you still love your partner and that you will probably regret your actions in the near future, the action needed is clear- you need to prevent divorce.