America, the Dictatorship

Incrementally, but noticeably, the United States is shedding its democracy.

Epidemic of Anger as SMOKERS go to WAR

Health risks behind smoking is becoming more of a worry leading to an epidemic of anger. Smokers may go to war causing more concerns for the health of all hypocrites. We need to cut back on casualties not create them.

New Orleans My Home - Katrina My Nightmare

I have lived in Jefferson Parish, Orleans Parish and St. Bernard Parish Louisiana but anytime I'm more than fifty miles away from home I simply say I'm from New Orleans. People understand that. After hurricane Katrina they will understand it much more. What they may not understand is exactly what happened there before, during and after the visitation of Katrina.

Barack Obama Will Become U. S. President

Notwithstanding the fact that so far neither Senator Hillary Clinton nor Senator Barack Obama could proclaim the victory of the presidential primaries after the Super Tuesday, Best-Relationship-Advice is, however, prepared to make a bold and definitive advice...

Drug Trade Accounts for Forty Percent of the Afghan Economy

Yet, what does this say about our world, where such an obscene industry can thrive? It's not just the growers and traffickers that are contributing to the problems, but the users of the end product. Those users ultimately feed the entire industry's cash flow.

Bite The Bullet...

The government wants to give you and me government money...ah! our Chinese Bankers..

The Commander In Chief Has The Vapors.... Again

Hillary, take a lesson from the Tennessee Mountain Man's girlfriend

Misinterpreting the Middle East Crisis as an Apocalypse

Some Christans today are rejoicing at the bloodshed in the Middle East, believing that it's a sign of the Second Coming. This illustrates some people?s desire to find simple answers to complex issues coupled with an erroneous conception of the Bible. Complex issues usually require complex solutions. However, when the Bible gets involved or invoked, the issue gets a little thornier.

US Threatens China with Massive Tariffs

In a surprise move, Democrats and Republicans have written a bill threatening China with a heavy tariff increase on its exports to the United States unless Beijing ceases intentional manipulation of the yuan and agrees to strengthen the currency significantly against the dollar in the near future.

Oil Crisis Affects More Than Just Gas Prices

Did you know that petroleum is used to manufacture an enormous number of products that we use in our everyday lives?

Solving the Immigration Problem:

The illegal immigrant problem can be solved. But steps to do it are harsh.

Russia's Idled Spies

On November 11, 2002, Sweden expelled two Russian diplomats for spying on radar and missile guidance technologies for the JAS 39 British-Swedish Gripen fighter jet developed by Telefon AB LM Ericsson, the telecommunications multinational.

Good Guys Finish Last

the world should come to an end before the general election of 2012 which would render all of these considerations mut

Trends for a Not-so-new Millennium

We construct maps of the world around us, using cognitive models, organizational principles, and narratives that we acquire in the process of socialization.

Consistency in the law;The Death Penalty

.....challenge the Justice system by asking,? is this social justice under the law??

UK & World News reviewed by The Bitch! (a weekly column)

Every week The Bitch! passes her beady eye over the news and current events and gives you her opinions. Sometimes funny; sometimes serious, this popular column will often make you question, and maybe re-think, your own values.

Neo-Containment for a Nuclear Iran

What can the United States do about an Iran seeking nuclear technology? The government and the media contemplate sloppy and broad economic sanctions or clumsy and bloody military operations. I suggest an alternative: neo-containment. Let's reinvent our strategy against the Soviets for the 21st century threat from Iran.

Foreclosure is running rampant in Northern California. What now for troubled residents?

This article discuss the most overlook solution for residents and taxpayers caught in foreclosure. How to spend smart in these uncertain times.

New Early Warning System Uses Artificial Intelligence

Rather than risk more human lives in the ongoing war against terrorism, advances in computer technology are enabling contractors to create remote-controlled machines to do reconnaissance and risk management.

Vojvodina - The Hungarian Kosovo

In October 2005, Parliamentary Assembly of Europe members tabled a draft resolution castigating the human rights situation in the province of Vojvodina. As EU accession looms larger for Serbia and Montenegro, such resolutions are bound to proliferate. Vojvodina is widely regarded as a test case and the touchstone of Serbia's post-Milosevic reforms.

The Princess Diana: HEY, WANNA BUY SOME PIX?

Hollywood celebrities were cropping up so often on TV talk shows last week that you would have thought it was Oscar time. They were grieved, of course, over the tragic death of Princess Diana. But they were also eager to gripe about the paparazzi, whose aggressive tactics may have played a role in her death. Elizabeth Taylor called them murderers. Tom Cruise recounted how he and his wife Nicole Kidman had been chased by photographers through the very same Paris tunnel. Everyone from George Clooney to Whoopi Goldberg chimed in; boycotts were advocated; legislation proposed. Some stars reportedly even want to investigate the private lives of tabloid editors, to give them a taste of their own medicine.

A new science for a new climate

At first glance it?s hard to imagine how the proliferation of human activity upon the environment has been a major factor in climate change given that climate change alone is nothing new. Over two million years the earth?s history has seen enormous changes. Indeed, in the last ten thousand years the warming and cooling of the earth has been on a larger scale that what we see today.

Time To Get Out Of Dodge? - Relocate Ahead Of The Collapse

Peak Oil? Economic Collapse? Maybe the universe is trying to tell you something. Maybe it's Relocation, Relocation, Relocation.

The CAT Magic Show

The Central Artery Tunnel (CA/T) video footage and documents show more than anchor bolt problems in Boston?s Big Dig concrete. Contaminated concrete from recycled excavate was used in 3,800 million cubic yards of concrete construction. The CA/T documents should be examined for the chemical properties of the recycled aggregate soil and the concrete tested for corrosion and expansion contaminants.

Should Illegal Immigrants be Allowed?

As the nation sputters forward into a new problem of illegal immigrants, neo-conservatism and budget crisis we must wonder what to make of it all. The signals are confusing.

How to Deal with the Price of Gasoline

On any given day, the weather trend is usually the first subject of conversation. During the past month, anywhere you go in the United States, the price of gasoline has become a primary topic to complain about. Most people, and businesses, feel helpless when looking toward winter?s fuel bills.