Should You Write a Long-Copy Ad or Keep it Short?

Should you write a long or short ad? The truth is, the reason people read ads has nothing to do with copy length.

Make Or Break Headlines

"Learn one FREE technique that INCREASES PROFITS by $1,000s or more in under two minutes!'

Does Your Copywriting Trigger What Makes Your Visitors Buy?

Want to know what makes your visitors want to buy? Find out the two basic - yet contradictory - needs that drive people and the ways to satisfy those needs in different ways for the four basic personality types.

9 Tips for Better Copywriting

Do you use weak verbs? Are you needlessly redundant, or robotic in your use of long sentences? Do you sometimes overstate the obvious? Here are 9 handy tips that can improve and economize your writing.

One Product, Three Customers, Three Different Ways To Write

Before assuming that every member of your target audience is alike, take some time to do a little research. Then write so that you communicate directly with them on their level. You'll find your conversions rise when you give your visitors the information they want.

Choosing a Great Copywriter

What to look for next time you hire a creative genius!

So You Want To Be A Copywriter?

Wannabe copywriters often check out my site for information relating to my services and fees. And quite right too! I still give my competitor's websites a 'gander' every now and then, in case they're doing something that I should be doing.

42 Questions for Achieving Optimal Website Writing Results

The foundation for creating advertising copy or website writing that floods your newly designed website?s copy with cash-in-hand ready-to-buy customers is forged from the interview process between you and your copywriter. The answers to the questions below are crucial to the effective and successful completion of your project.

Value Added Copywriting

I know a preacher that can burn any pulpit down within an hour. His sermons cause the greatest stirs and responses in his audience and he really can keep his congregation awake. But there is one tiny problem. Ask many of his listeners what they think about his sermons and they?ll quickly respond with only words of acclamation. Follow that questions with a request for what the sermon was about and you?re met with only blank stares.

How To Get More People To Notice Your Advertising

Discover some great tips on how to get people noticing your advertising using effective captivating headlines!

Perfect Grammar Is for Sales Sissies

If you?re like me, you?re not writing that banner ad, Web site, or landing page to make your English teacher proud. You?re writing to sell.

What the difference webcopywriting makes

Provides an insight into the process of the designing and writing of effective, compelling and attractive web site copywriting.

The One Word Every Prospect Craves

It?s arguably the most important word in the copywriter's arsenal. It ranks right at the top with words like "free," "new" and "savings." Do you know what it is?

6 Reasons Why Case Studies Are A Terrific Market For Freelance Writers

Here's a terrific new article from The demand for case study writers is booming. Yet very few freelance writers are aware of this fun and lucrative market. This article explains.

Copywriting Skills can Improve eBay eBook Sales

Having a perfect title, a great auction template, a good price and a well-conceived plan regarding how to handle inquiries and effectuate sales sounds like a recipe for success for any eBay eBook seller. However, there is one component missing. In order to really make one?s sales numbers jump, there is a need for copywriting talent.

22 Questions to Ask Before You Write a Single Word

To write successful copy, you need to know as much as you can. It goes beyond reading background materials, reviewing old marketing pieces and doing some cursory research on the Web. You need to get inside peoples' heads.

How to choose a professional copywriter

You already know that professional copywriting is worth its weight in gold. You know that a good copywriter can help both to drive traffic to your website, and to keep it there once it arrives.

Website Copywriter Tips: Web Copy Sabotage

How does your personality affect your web copy? Whether you mean to or not, your site reflects you in ways you might not notice: sometimes good, sometimes bad. While personality peccadilloes can be endearing in social situations, minor personality flaws can cause web copy sabotage.

10 Things You Should Expect From Your IT Copywriter

Anyone who?s ever tried marketing IT products or services knows that it?s a specialist field. Your customers in the IT industry have very unique and specific requirements, and that means you do too. In order to write compelling copy around your offering, you need a copywriter with a solid understanding of the IT world ? someone who?s not afraid to call themselves an ?IT Copywriter?.

How To Get More People To Trust What You Say

Here are some great tips on how to overcome one of the biggest challenges in every businesses advertising, how to gain the trust of potential customers!